Introduction: Homemade Paper Pick

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Step 1: Main Pick

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First get a piece of plane paper and then fold it to wanted stiffness.while folding get regular wood glue and smear it all over the piece of paper. When done press really hard on paper to make sure that it is really stiff.

Step 2: Making Pick Shape

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Get a regular pick that you already have and trace it on paper.

Step 3: Cutting

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Next step is to cut out the pick shape (You can use scissors or a knife but I would recommend scissors).once cut out press really hard or put a weight on it.

Step 4: Design (optional)

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Put a cool design on it with paint , pencil , pen ex.

Step 5: Strengthening

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Now you want to get wood glue and put some on your finger ( don't worry it won't harm you :D ). Now smear it all over the pick and let it dry. I would recommend a few coats.

Step 6: Final Product

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Now you have a working recycled guitar pick. I hope you liked my first instructable and please favourite me or my instructables :D don't forget to comment please.


darthvadersbro (author)2014-03-16

This works great

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