Step 4: Set up your mold and deckle.

Picture of Set up your mold and deckle.
This is where I cut out some of the tools needed to make this process a bit greener than the usual DIY recycling paper process.

Instead of pouring your material/water mixture into a plastic tub, set the deckle directly over a sink. It makes clean up a lot faster as well!

Once the deckle is set and level over the sink, place the mold ontop. Make sure the mold is set as straight and parallel to the deckle's sides as possible.
tinajuarez2 years ago
Pour pulp through some fabric. It will dry and you will have a linter you can use for another papermaking day.
Starrystar6 years ago
With my weak apartment sink disposal, I'd be a little afraid to put paper pulp down there. It's a nice idea, though.
You could always add the paper pulp to your compost. If you don't compost, then it shouldn't hurt to dump it directly into your landscaping, changing the location each time.
thickneckarts (author)  Starrystar6 years ago
We don't even have a disposal.
chrwei6 years ago
When I've done papermaking the mixture in the blender was much too thick for pouring right on the deckle. Using a tub also allows you to add more paper to the water as needed. I guess if you are going to only do one batch your method is green enough, but with kids helping one batch is never enough so the bins are a lot less wasteful since you would be reusing the water.