Step 8: Dry and Cook the Pasta

Picture of Dry and Cook the Pasta
I like to hang the pasta up to dry for a little while, but if you are cooking the pasta immediately it isn't necessary. Take some chopsticks or skewers and wedge them under a couple of plates and just throw your pasta over. Let the pasta dry for an hour or so and then freeze it or cook it.

It only takes a couple of minutes to cook fresh pasta so watch the pot closely.

If you need something explained more clearly or another picture to clarify the process add a comment and I will help you out.
TerryB94 months ago

I have been making fresh pasta for a while and I make it really well, but when i add it to a sauce it just ends up all stuck together. It tastes great but its not right. When i use bought dried pasta it stays all seperate. Any help would be great

I would like to make this and preserve it in bags or even canning jars. How would I do this?

gregr (author)  leslie.holcomb.310 months ago
I normally just freeze the pasta. No need to defrost, just drop in boiling water like normal.

I would think that it would mold if you were doing some kind of preservation other than freezing. This kind of pasta is typically made daily.
very good article. I use the manual method when making pasta shaped like fettucine or rustica,. When making spaghetti or linguini i use the machine. I also go ahead and cook the pasta as soon as it is ready without any drying time. Tastes ten times better than the packages stuff.