Homemade Pellet BB Gun Flashlight/Torch

Picture of Homemade Pellet BB Gun Flashlight/Torch
Homemade Pellet Gun Flashlight.
This is my third attempt at making an effective CO2 Power Pellet Gun from a standard 2 AAA Battery Flashlight. This project will take about 3-4 hours to complete.
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Step 1: Tools For The Job

Picture of Tools For The Job
Drill - Battery or Wired
Drill Bits - Various Sizes
Hot Glue Gun
Safety Blade or Stanley Knife
CO2 Bike Tyre Inflator (Preferred) or Hand Bike Pump

Step 2: Shopping List

Picture of Shopping List
2013 8:38.jpg
2013 8:38.jpg
AAA Flashlight/Torch.
2 Pack Epoxy Glue - similar to Araldite.
Schrader car or bike valve.
Plumbers Teflon Tape.
A Piece of Hard Rubber - The Plunger.
A length of Steel Tube - Ensure that the inside diameter is between 4.5-5mm or 6-6.2mm; depending on what size pellet or BB you use.
Some 4.5mm Pellets or 6mm BB's, and
A small notepad.

Step 3: Finding The Right Flashlight/Torch

Picture of Finding The Right Flashlight/Torch
Most importantly, shop around for a better quality 2 AAA flashlight or torch. You can buy a cheap brand flashlight but you might be just wasting your time. You'll need to find a flashlight with 'O' Ring seals, a 'screw-off end cap', and check that the on/off switch is at the end of the unit. When you've finished your project, the flashlight must be completely airtight. I managed to find one with an on/off switch just a little smaller than the Schrader valve thread, which was perfect for the job.

Step 4: Start The Build

Picture of Start The Build
2013 8:38.jpg
2013 8:38.jpg
2013 8:38.jpg
2013 8:38.jpg
2013 8:38.jpg
2013 8:38.jpg
Once you've found your flashlight, remove the screw off end and drill out the existing on/off switch to suit the diameter of the Schrader valve. Trim and sand off all the rubber off the Schrader valve, leaving just the brass fitting. Find a suitable drill bit for the diameter of the valve thread. Use your notepad as padding in the vice so you don't scratch all the paint off your flashlight. Before gluing the valve, I trimmed off about 3-4mm off the end of the using a hacksaw. Glue the valve into place using your 2 pack epoxy and allow at least 24 hours for the glue to dry fully. Remember it needs to be airtight.
Pizzapie5004 months ago
Awesome! Video please!

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