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Introduction: Homemade Pellet Burner

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Hi there from Greece,

I will try to help you out with building a wood pellet burner that can be placed in your stove and warm you up. The wood pellets are generally made from compacted sawdust or other wastes from sawmilling and other wood products manufacture. Pellets are extremely dense and can be produced with a low moisture
content (below 10%) that allows them to be burned with a very high combustion efficiency!

Step 1: Supplies and Construction Details

Materials and informations * :

- 300mm Steel pipe(5mm) with diam.130mm--- 300mm length.

- 110mm + 90mm Steel pipe with diam. 60mm for the feeding of wood pellets. We are welding these two pieces and we weld the feeding pipe to the feeding box.

- 150mm Stell pipe with diam.20mm for housing the resistance that fires up the burner (this of coarse depends on the resistance that we will find).

- 100mm Steel pipe with diam.130mm. This is needed so as to cut it and take out the pellet tray. We open holes on this and we are welding a steel plate as D (half moon) at one edge. The tray must have a slight slope so as to keep pellet at the back of the chamber (for starting up with resistance).

- Feeding box : we will need steel plates as shown in the photo above and we give a slope of 45 degrees so as the pellet goes smoothly in the chamber. We are making also a plate so as not to have return of fire to our feeding pipe.

- Chamber's back. We are cutting steel plate as our diam. 130mm. we are cutting somewhere about 5-8mm upper than the bottom a line or a shape like a laugh ) so as the air can send away the ashes. Also this will help a lot during the fire up procedure. We are drilling some holes for the air - Depends on our blower, but i suppose that you can start with 4 and increase them if it needed. Finally we are drilling also the hole that the pipe of resistance will pass.

.- After Chamber's back we are ready to construct the air chanell that will guide the air from our blower to the holes that we drill earlier.

* Notice that materials can vary according the stove and our needs!

Step 2: Videos of the Burner Working

I would like to apologise for my english, but i tried to give the best possible descriptions.

Supposing that you will understand through my videos the construction and the details!

The procedure of starting up and controlling this burner can be done with a ready controller or with arduino. But this is another story...

Hope to find it interesting and to try out also by yourselves!

Best regards,

Theodoros Kosmidis



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    What is the fan - power and air consumption?

    Can you send me some photos of the feeder from the fan (without the fan).

    You can use vll@abv.bg

    Thanks in advance.


    1 year ago


    Tks for the new video links.

    But i was hoping a croquis with measures and proper details of the constuction of each part

    Even when you say we could use Arduino for the start operation I WAS HOPING YOU COULD PROVIDE HOW WE COULD DO THAT WITH ARDUINO




    Something happened to the videos... i can't see them

    Can you check the links?


    Have a look at my hobby project. Its a controller for this type of setup


    This looks like a great idea!

    If you added some additional steps with photos and details, that would be great to see. Some people prefer to simply read instructions rather than watch the videos, so having both formats is a really nice touch. Just a thought! :)