Homemade Pinata




Introduction: Homemade Pinata

Materials: balloon, paper mache(water, flour, glue, paper), paint, string, skewer or hole puncher.

1. Take a balloon and blow it up.
2. Put flour and water together in a bowl and find the right ratio. Add in more flour if the mixture is too thin. Add in more water if the mixture is too thick.
3. Tear off strips of newspaper to be dipped in the paper mache mixture.
4. Dip the paper strips into the paper mache mixture and wipe off the paper mache mixture so that there is relatively little left on the strip and put it on the balloon.
5. Leave the balloon out in the sun to make it dry.
6. Poke a hole in it with a skewer.
7. Feed a string through the hole and tie it up to form a loop, on which it will hang on.
8. Paint the pinata. Do something uncreative unlike my paint design.
9. Hit the pinata and have candy pouring over your head like a candy shower.
10. Get fat off of the candy.
11. Share the candy with a friend.
12. Spread the joy along.
13. They will each spread the joy around to other people like this video will get shared around.
14. This will change the thinking of the world.



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