Homemade Plastic Drum


Introduction: Homemade Plastic Drum

These steps are for you to follow to make a homemade plastic drum that will be used an function almost as good as a professional drum.

Step 1: Find a Plastic Container

Find a plastic container just laying around the house big or small

Step 2: Collect Materials

Collect the materials that you want to use to decorate your drum to your desired choice and liking. Make sure the material wont alter the sound to much and is able to stay glued to you instrument.

Step 3: Gluing

Glue your materials that you desire to the drum, make sure the material sticks by holding the material to the drum to ensure that it is glued properly.

Step 4: Decorate

Make your drum look fun and exciting by adding designs and things to make your drum pop and be a drum that fits your personality.

Step 5: Make Sure It Sounds Like a Drum

Make sure that you get the best drum sound that you can by altering the sound of the drum to your liking making your drum sound professional



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