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Introduction: Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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Hey guys,

I made this bluetooth speaker last year, It took me about 3 months to build it.
Here is a video about it!


I hope you guys like my speaker!

Step 1: Design Your Speaker and Collect Al the Parts

I made my speaker design using Google Sketchup.
I made sure the volume was a little bit bigger than the manufacturer advices for the speakers i am using , because i also have to fit all the other components inside.

First i searched the manufacturers website for the correct volume.

When i finished my design, i started collect all the parts.

Parts list:


Audio amp: (I use this board with the lithium battery extension board)





Crossover: I used a crossover filter set from a dutch store.



Case feet:


Volume knob:


Leather handle:


Metal plate for the back:


For the enclosure i had some oak wood laying around.

Step 2: Building the Enclosure

I made my speaker completely out of 18mm oak wood
First i changed my oak log planks into an 18mm oak wood planks.
When that was done i was able to make use of an CNC machine to cut out al the holes for the speaker, the bass reflex tubes and the metal plate on the back.

When i got al the wood panels i glued everything together using a strong wood glue.
I also stained the whole speaker for the shiny finish.

Step 3: Install Al the Components.

For the speaker mounting i used 2 10mm pieces of wood to fix the speakers in place.
( i didnt make a good picture of it but you can see it on one of the pictures.)

For the amplifier, crossover and battery board i used some standoffs to fix these into place.

It is possible to pull out the complete mid piece of wood where my charger and amp are installed on.

To close my speaker with the backpiece i installed some "things"(See picture) where i can screw a bolt into.

After this the speaker is done! I realy hope you guys like my speaker.



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    12 Discussions

    i love the idea of a wireless bluetooth speaker. your amazing

    Really well made, love the well thought out design and the use of CNC machining. I'm working on something similar with separate compartments for each channel as well. Keep up the good work!!

    Hey awesome build! I am really looking into building this but the link to the tweeter doesn't seem to be working and the part specification isn't specific enough, could you point me in the right direction? Also for the crossover set, which one did you purchase? Thanks for the help!

    Did you use Sketch-Up to design the case? What CNC did you use and what software did you use to drive the CNC? Would you be up for sharing the Sketch-Up file?


    1 year ago

    Cool project :)
    How much did it cost for you to make it?

    1 reply

    all the parts cost around 200 euro excl the wood and al the hours i put in to it.

    Thank you for your feedback!

    I didn't know that about the fake 18650s, i am going to replace them with the Panasonic 18650s.

    Woow it really looks amazing. Great work man :)


    1 year ago

    Insanely beautiful <3

    Looks truly amazing.

    That looks really nice :)