Introduction: Homemade Portable Charger

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This portable charger is powered by a 9 volt battery. It can charge your, cell phone, smart phone, or tablet.

Step 1: List of Things Needed.

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6 inches of 22 gage wire.

1 Switch : With Power, ACC, and ground outputs.

1 USB car charger. Preferably with an LED.

9 volt battery.

9 volt battery adapter.

Large Altoids box.

Electrical Tape.

Step 2: WIRING

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1. Connect 'Power' (the spring) from USB to A'CC' on switch

2. Connect Positive charge of the 9 volt battery to the 'Power' on the switch

3. Connect Negative charge of the 9 volt battery to the 'Ground' on the USB.

4. Connect the 'Groung' of the switch to the Ground on the USB.

Step 3: Preparing the BOX.

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Line the inside of the Altoids box with Electrical Tape.

Cut two holes on the box for the USB and the SWITCH.

Line the edges of the holes with electrical tape.

Step 4: Assembly

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Pull all the components through one of the holes (the one that is bigger). Once every thing is inside the box use hot glue to secure the switch and the USB to the hole.

Step 5: DONE!!!

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Plug in the battery and you are done!!!


Yaming615 (author)2016-12-02


jwagner1225 (author)2016-06-27

where can i buy the switch

Creak (author)2015-03-30

I question why you need the switch. The circuit is incomplete unless the phone is plugged in so why is it needed

ShyG (author)Creak2015-07-08

becuzz switches are cool thats why,admit it you feel like nicola tesla when you flip a swich

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