After deciding to brew most of the beer for an annual ski trip, I was faced with a dilemma regarding how to serve said beer without dragging a kegerator along. The device had to be portable and capable of dispensing  two different beers from independent Corny kegs (aka Corneilus or Soda kegs) without being flimsy or crappy looking. :-)

If you are lucky enough to have a homebrewing supply store near you, chances are good that they'll have all of the taps and associated parts readily available for purchase. If not, try looking for a restaurant supply store as they normally carry a vast variety of commercial and small system components. If that fails, there's always the internet. ;-)

Please be kind as this is my first instructable :-)

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Materials you will need:
- A box or small chest to attach the taps to
 (I found this one at Target; http://www.target.com/Decorative-Storage-Box/dp/B0043E2Q7O/ref=sc_qi_detailbutton)
- Two (2) Tap faucet and shank assemblies
- Two (2) Tap Handles - Your choice of style
- Two (2) Beer Hose Nipples (your choice on ID, depends on what beer tubing you are using)
- Two (2) Beer Wing Nuts
- Two (2) Rubber Washers
- Four (4) Hose Clamps (your choice of type, I used plastic pinch clamps)
- Two (2) Lengths of polyvinyl tubing (matching the ID of the hose nipples)
- Two (2) Corny Keg Quick Disconnects (choose either ball lock or pin lock depending on your kegs)

Tools Required:
- Drill (preferably drill press but handheld will work too)
- Small drill bit for pilot holes (I used a 3/16 bit)
- Hole saw for the OD of your tap's shank (mine was 1")
- Ruler
- Pencil
- A few old towels (to lay the box on while working on it)

Shameless plug:
I acquired all of the kegging hardware shown in the pictures from a local company called Rochester Store Fixture here in Rochester, NY. Their website looks shady but they do have a PDF version of their beverage catalog and they do ship orders. Check them out at (http://www.rochesterstorefixture.com/beveragecatalog.html)

si there any way you could explain the tubing more i cant quite understand you just screw it in or what also where can you get empty kegs
im just about to turn 21 and im going to go camping for my b-day so im going to need keg tap that i can take with me so im going to attempt building one of thees and was thinking about maybe adding a 21 oz CO2 tank from a paintball gun any thoughts on how to go about this... this will be my first time tapping a keg so any help would be appreciated
ok i think i answered my own question <br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Paintball-Regulator-Beer-Dispenser-1/

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