Homemade Printer Engraving Plotter Laser 3D Frame DIY X Axis Slide Linear CNC

To day most people can simply buy a pre-made 3D printer and only need to press a button to get it to work, but there are those in the maker community who feel the only real way to understand how 3D printing technology works is to go back to the beginning and do it by my hand in home because it is very cheap and easy

4 pcs SCS12S-UU Slide Linear Bearings Motion Ball

2pcs 12 mm 12 x 400 linear shaft 3d printer Cylinder Liner Rail Linear Shaft axis cnc

4pcs SK16 Linear motion ball slide units block bearings Bore size 12 mm

4 pcs aluminium alloy 20 mm x 20 mm x 400

4 pcs aluminium alloy 20 mm x 20 mm x 340

1pcs step motor,

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you might want to add instructions on how to make it, otherwise people will report it for incompleteness.