Homemade Professional Video DSLR Camera Sliders DIY Dolly Stabilizer Motorized CNC Linear


1 pcs Aluminium Alloy 70 mm x 80 mm x 8 mm
2 pcs Aluminium Alloy 80 mm x 42 mm x 12 mm

2 pcs LMK12UU 12mm flange bearing CNC Flange Linear Bearings Flange Linear Bush

1 pcs ID6.35*8mm D19*L25 Aluminium CNC Stepper Motor Flexible Shaft Coupling Coupler Encoders Engraving

More Homemade Mini Robotic Arm Laser Engraving Cutter‎ DIY 3D Printer Machine Frame here:

1 pcs 350 mm 8D 8mm Lead Screw Dia 8mm ,Lead 2mm, Length 350 mm with Copper Nut

1 pcs Nema 17 42BYGHW811 0.48N.m(70oz-in) 48mm 2.5A for 3D printer

2 pcs 12 mm 12 x 400 mm linear shaft 3d printer cylinder linear rail linear shaft axis

<p>I am looking at building this would you have any drawings of the layout? I see your layout video I do not get sound. </p>

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