Picture of Homemade Quiche Recipe
A quiche is a delicious kind of pie that is acceptable to eat at any meal. Essentially it is like an omelet pie, filled with vegetables and eggs and often meat. I made sure that I used all soft fillings, since I got all of my wisdom teeth taken out on Thursday. I wanted some flavor and nutrition and fillingness in my food. Mashed potatoes and bananas were not satisfying meals.

Step 1: Pie Crust

Picture of Pie Crust
1 1/4 cup flour
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 cup butter
1/4 cup ice water
few sprigs of basil and mint

Cut up butter into little cubes. Make sure the butter is cold, not softened. Put all ingredients in a food processor except the water and chop together. After the ingredients have been brought together in a crumble, add the water in very small increments, until you get a nice ball of dough (only a few spoons of water for me). Make sure not to have it wet, just balled up. Refrigerate for about an hour. The crust will not come out flaky if the butter is mixed in warm.

Using a food processor instead of hand mixing for a pie crust makes it take infinitely less time to make.
becksbaking3 months ago

Please check out my recipe!
tylerb76 months ago

these do taste really good

curecreator5 years ago
 No offence meant, but on the food lid processor picture, the caption contains the word "saftey" which should be spelled "safety".  Your welcome.  I am not trying to act smart just helping make a great recipe better.
No offense, but if you are going to correct someone's grammar, you should at least do so yourself to set the example. "Offence" is spelled with an S. Just trying to make a great comment better! You're welcome.
Leesam6 years ago
I made a quiche last night but substituted in Broccoli and Chorizo for all the veggies in this one. It came out great but the edges of the crust and the cheese on top browned a little too quickly. Thanks!
compwalla6 years ago
Nice! Quiche is a breakfast staple around our house. You can use a pre-made crust. Just let it come to room temperature and then use a rolling pin to stretch it a bit. This only works for the crust that comes rolled up or folded and not for the crust that comes already in a pie tin.
bustedit7 years ago
brilliant simple solution for lack of a tart tin. are u against pre-made pie crusts for this? results the same? im more of a cook than a baker
wolfybrie (author)  bustedit7 years ago
I used a premade crust before and it was too small. So if you use the frozen one that comes in a pie tin, you should use 2 pie tins for what fits into this one. It tasted great when I did it in 1 frozen crust before but it overflowed everywhere. Thanks for the comment!