Introduction: Homemade RC Car..!

Picture of Homemade RC Car..!

Hello guys !

In this instructable I'm gonna show you how I made RC car from scratch ........but you can use your own parts around you...!!!

Step 1: Car Chassis and Wheels...

Picture of Car Chassis and Wheels...

In the above pic you can see that for building chassis I have used casio calculator frame...

and I have used the old RC car parts i.e wheels and rear gear box mechanism.....

I have added suspension system for the car....!

Step 2: Steering System

Picture of Steering System

I have used pen refill,thread,gear box to steer the car....

you can see how steering system is working in video which I have embed in this instructable.......!

Step 3: Body Designing

Picture of Body Designing

I have designed the body using two materials....they are

1. transparent plastic bottle (which is used for making the car front glass......!)

2. plastic sheet (which is used to design the other body......!)

I have not connected RC circuit and antenna yet..........!

so in the next step I'll do that......!

Step 4: Connecting RC Circuit and Antenna

Picture of Connecting RC Circuit and Antenna

I already have the rc circuit (receiver and transmitter) and which can be seen in the 1st pic..!!! and I have used male header pins to the rc receiver circuit so that I can remove circuit from the rc car and can do other projects based on rc...!!!

I have attached that RC circuit at the back end of the car and I have covered it by using a plastic sheet.......!

And I have used a old antenna which I got it from the old walkie talkie toy ..........

And to power up this RC car we just need 4 charging cells........and we can insert it just by lifting the top of the car which can be seen in third pic above............!

Step 5: Its Performance and Video

Picture of Its Performance and Video

Ok guys to check out its performance and how its steering system must check out this video..and its only 2:15 min.....!

and I have to say one thing this car has a good steering system than other RC cars..

I hope you enjoyed it and learned something new........
................................. thank you......................................... If u have any suggestions or comments regarding to this topic plz leave a comment below..... :-)


VishalK123 (author)2017-10-19

Can you tell me the name of the part on which the wheels are attached. The one with the gear like thingy and a base for the wheel and the common axle to be attached(Which is your refill here). Thanks in Advance.

jovnel187 (author)2015-10-14

tht a nice one i still need help build mine..i need chassis but i dont have no aliminum.wat can i use

Just use acrylic

AdityaA30 (author)jovnel1872015-11-05

You can 3D print anything you need. If you are in college , your library might have a 3d printer . They cost from anthing around 5c a gram to 50c a gram depending on the 3d printer.

bro....I have built that rc car using homemade don't need aluminium to build chassis
and I have used rectangular plastic material as chassis...(back panel of calculator)...!!!

Salman Naveed (author)2016-07-10

This is awesome dude!

Respect and good wishes from Pakistan.

P.S. Be sure to check out my ibles.

Hadi41 (author)2016-03-23

I didn't know how i make the steering system

can you please watch the video becoz that video you can see how it works..and you can make your own design !!!

DanielT54 (author)2015-10-26

you forgot one thing h0w do we make the controller

Thank you dude ...!!!

I have updated my instructable which will show you the controller and which is in "step 4"...!!!

RithikM (author)2015-10-21

can you list some of these parts to buy online please

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