Picture of Homemade Rabbit Treats
When you buy store bought treats you may wonder "Whats in them?" Usually they have things that could make your pet become obese. The homemade rabbit treat recipe I have found is good for them and they enjoy is this. They always seem to take it from me quickly and demolish it so fast! Here is the recipe that I have found that's great!


1 cup of your bunnies food

1 banana

2 carrots


1) Preheat the oven to 180 degrees C and line a baking tray with parchment paper.

2) Start by chopping up the banana and carrots into slices.

3) Grind your bunnies food up so it becomes powdery (it is quite easy to do with the excel rabbit food)

4) Puree the banana and carrot slices in the blender.

5) Put all of these ingredients into one bowl and mix until completely combined.

6) Take a bit from the mixture and roll it into a ball.

7) Place onto the baking sheet.

8) Repeat this with the whole mixture.

9) Bake for 30 minutes so they harden.

Now you can give your rabbit 2-3 everyday depending on the size of them. If you wanted you could use these when you are training your bunny!

HeatherP27 days ago

I wonder if I could make these with apples. My buns adore apples.

claire93719 months ago

I don't have a blender. Would the recipe worked if i crushed the banana with a fork and grated the carrot on the finest blades?

I used an old coffee grinder on the pellets and purreed the rest came out good. my friends rabbit and mine loved it. also I am gonna try pureed baby food that's organic with only bannna and then carrots and pellets see how she likes it. seems less work if you don't have all the things you need in kitchen

Oh and also do you need a mortar and pestle to crush the rabbit pellets?

krosentreter9 months ago

1 cup of rabbit food with 1 banana and 2 carrots, is way too much. I made this yesterday and when I mixed the ground up rabbit food and the pureed carrots (2)/ banana (1) my mixture was still all but dry. The moisture didn't really do anything, so I had to puree another banana and 2 carrots, and then it was better, still not as moist as I would've liked though. So why is the recipe listed as it is for? It's way too much ground up rabbit food. What can be done differently to make sure that my mixture is plenty moist (from combining ingredients)?? Even though the recipe was off in terms amount amount of product needed and not being totally satisfied, my rabbit does enjoy eating the treats

I just made this yesterday, I thought there was way to much of the ground food but once you mix it for 5 minutes with the purred banana and carrot it comes together perfectly.

Did you puree the banana and carrot together and THEN grind the cup of food in a seprate one.

1d_r_cute4 months ago

PS can I use my Microwave-oven?

Microwaves are notorious for removing the nutrients from foods. I wouldn't recommend it if you are still trying to keep the treat healthy.

I've made it now from my 4 rabbits! Only 3 liked it, the other doesn't have interest! Don't know why :(

But it's ok, they loved it! Haha.
They are right now running on my feet looking for more ahaha.


3 out of 4 rabbits is a good ratio :-). Not every animal has the same "likes". I have a dog that won't eat the sweet potato chews I make, but all the other dogs who have tried it love it.

alannahbale (author)  ForomirDeAlioth1 year ago
Some rabbits do like different things to others. Just try to alter the recipe and find something they really like and put that into it :)
gayle.huwe1 month ago

I have made this recipe twice. I have three rabbits (two Holland lops and a Jersey Wooly) and they ALL go COO-KOO over these treats! I have one rabbit that we kind of nicknamed Satan because she was mean, and I don't know if it was because of the treats, or something else, but she now is happy to see us coming, hops right up to the cage, nicely takes the treats out of our hands (instead of growling, biting, and lunging), and has become a very lovable rabbit.

catlily2 months ago
My rabbit is very fussy! Do you think he will eat them,
Whiskey.Liz.12 months ago

I made these for my rabbit today and he won't eat them :(

i think that he/she will. That is what I do when I buy my rabbit a new food product, I just stop giving him is regular stuff/treats and then he learns to eat the new stuff.

paty.maciel3 months ago

I'd say this is a great option to use the powdered pellets that always end up at the bottom of the bag! I will do these when I reach that bottom next time! thanks!

Bunnylover1234 months ago

you have to be careful with these treats. My bunny got very ill because she wasn't eating twice her weight in greens each day. It was hard to find organic, seedless, and nut less pellets after this. So after the vet told me I completely eradicated pellets out of her diet. She is now 7 years old and is still very healthy.

My rabbit Rosemary adores them alot! ?
archero5 months ago

my bunny luna loves them


OMG my bunny looks so alike to yours!!!! is yours a cashmere lop?

1d_r_cute4 months ago

I love the idea my bunnies love bananas but not sure if the would like the carrots but I'll try them and we'll see. :)

sheeba27 months ago

would it work if i crushed the rabbit food with a fork or some thing because i dont want to put it in the blender?

Rabbits R us8 months ago
mtetreault10 months ago

I made the treats my bunny loves them.

alannahbale (author)  mtetreault10 months ago

Great to hear :)

I made these and my bunnies loved them so much we named the treat "bunny crack"

alannahbale (author)  chloesbunniesbae10 months ago

aha glad to hear they enjoyed them

myrrhmaid made it!11 months ago

The treats are in the oven right now! We let the guinea pigs have a little of the 'cookie dough'; -uncooked treat. They loved it! Thanks for this cool recipe! Now we can spoil them with good things! Here's their anxiously awaiting faces! Tightey Whitey and Dazzle!

020 - Copy.JPG
alannahbale (author)  myrrhmaid11 months ago

So cute :) Glad to hear they liked it :)

googiegoo12 months ago

I made it and both of the rabbits liked it!¡! when i come with the box with the treats to their place, they know what i have and jump around.

alannahbale (author)  googiegoo11 months ago

That's great to hear :)

waggy1011 year ago
We are pet sitting a bunny that was in a fire so we will take care of it until the family can take it back. We noticed that it is very skinny so would these help it?
alannahbale (author)  waggy10111 months ago

As long as you get him to eat I'm sure it would help :)

mibabear1 year ago
Hi can I use just carrot instead of banana seeing as I don't have any or is there something else I can use other than banana. :)
alannahbale (author)  mibabear11 months ago

I've never tried it without banana but you can definitely try it and see how it works :)

Kuneria2 years ago
I just made a bunch for my rabbit :3 He absolutely loves them, he's even starting to act a lot nicer around me too
alannahbale (author)  Kuneria1 year ago
I am glad he liked it :)