Homemade RepRap Prusa 3D Printer Engraving Plotter Laser Frame DIY Y Axis Slide Linear

2 pcs SCS12S-UU Slide Linear Bearings Motion Ball

2 pcs 12 mm 12 x 280 linear shaft 3d printer Cylinder Liner Rail Linear Shaft with gear 20 mm

2 pcs Stepper Motor 42 motor

2 pcs 3D Printer THSL-500-8D Lead Screw Dia 8MM Pitch 1mm Lead 1mm Length 320mm with Copper Nut

2 pcs 5 mm x 8mm CNC Motor Jaw Shaft Coupler 5mm To 8mm Flexible Coupling OD 19x25mm

2 Pcs Stepper Motor Mounting L Bracket Mount Step Stepping

2 pcs aluminium alloy 20 mm x 12 mm x 90 mm

1 pcs aluminium alloy 20 mm x 12 mm x 420 mm

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