This built is a little advanced and not easy to make same because it is made from scrap
but my idea is, use a part of build or all, if have a RobotArm already you can use code. Or / And
Make simple controller with 6 potentiometer or make same as mine controller
--- this is first build so it is not beautiful and need to change some things.
--- and i am new to ardrino code

Step 1: Idea and Build

I found a photo on the internet and start building this Robot arm, i started from one end and work forward, so i not have plans of this build.
I look in my scrap and found a pice of aluminium about 0.8 mm, it is soft and lightweight and strong enough for this build
Base is from an old printer and a stepper motor because i not have a servo motor that is strong enough and want keep cost low, if possible use a servo because it is faster,
Cut and file aluminum and screw it toghter.
<p>That came out well :)</p>

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