Launch-it: Homemade Rocket


Introduction: Launch-it: Homemade Rocket

In this instructable I will show you how to build a rocket with materials that you probably have lying around the house, and if not they are very inexpesive to buy.

Step 1: Materials

To do this fun project you will need the following...

- 1 Estes Model Rocket Engine
- 1 Notecard
- 4 wings (mine are made out of the cver to an old notebook)
- 1 Bottle cap
- Various tapes (any kind will work)
- You will also need a pair of scissors

Step 2: Body Work

Step 1
- take the notecard and wrap it around the rock engine
- make shure it fits nice and snug, then tape the notecard so that it will stay that size
- tape the round notecard to the engine

Step 3: Body Work

Step 2
- Now take your other kind of tape and wrap it around the body of the rocket multiple times

Step 4:

Step 3
- Wrap tape around the top the body to make a snug fit for the cap
- put the cap on th top of the rocket... it should not be able to fall off

Step 5:

Step 4
- Now take your fins/wings and tape them to the body
- you can use how ever many fins you want to...
- you can also tape them to the body any way you like




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    where can you purchase the rocket engines?

    I can tell you now that this design isn't very stable. The goal with every dumb rocket(no active guidance that is) is to have the center of pressure under the center of gravity. Since rocket engines have a perfectly centered center of pressure on their own and an ulmost perfectly centered cg the cp and cg for this design would be close to right on top of each other, which isn't good enough. With a small engine it might not matter, the engine might not fire long enough with enough force for it to become unstable, but it would be unsafe with anything bigger.

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    hmmm well my rocket worked with the fuse but maybe you should try the electric ignitor

    to light the rocket you can use an electric ignitor or just stick a fuse in the small hole at the bottom of the engine. I personally prefer using the fuse because the electric ignitors cost more money and hardly ever work

    Your right there are some flaws but this is no super precise rocket, it is just here so that if someone wants to fly a rocket without much expense they can do it in a very simple way.

    is it just me or was that contest a LONG time ago... i bet he saw an instructable on how to enter it.

    When submitted for publication, your work should reflect your best effort--your audience wants to see how clever your ideas are and not be distracted by the spelling and punctuation errors.

    this is true a) i forgot to talk about safty which IS important and b) iv done this without a lauch lug and it worke fine and stayed in control... but then again i did it at an open field so it wasnt so bad. If you do try this I would most certianly reccomend useing a launch lug with a guiding pole

    you need a launch lug a stirrer straw or an eyelet to slide off a rod during launch, guiding the craft upwards, or else it could be dangerous. also be weary of - you can use how ever many fins you want to...

    By the way to light it just insert a fuze ate the bottem or use an electric detonator(those never really work for me)

    Hope you guys like it please comment if you have any suggestions or improvements I could make thanks!