Materials & Supplies:

3/4" Plywood
Wood screws: 1-1/4" (20)
1/4-20 Hex-head nuts (15)
1/4-20 Washers (15)
1/4-20 3-1/2" Bolts (3)
1/4-20 2" Bolts (3)
2" U-Bolts (2)
1/4-20  Furniture Nuts (11)
3" Tee Hinge (2)
3" Barrel Hinge (2)
1" PVC pipe (Connecting flare end only)
1" PVC end cap
1/8 Plexi 8x10 sheet (1)
1/4 Plexi 8x10 sheet (1)
1-1/2"x3/4" Spring (a unistrut bolt from electrical supply will work)
1 6" zip tie
1 23/64"x1 3/8" compression spring
1 4" All-thread bolt (grind one end to create a point)


Table saw
Screw gun
Craftsman Wrenches
Epilog Laser Engraver/Cutter
1/2 Drill bit
3/8 Drill bit
1/4 Drill bit
Super glue
Measuring tape
Sandpaper (80/220 grit)

Step 1: Pre-cuts and Base Assembly

(Pre-cut materials for easier assembly):

- One 16"x22"x3/4" rectangle (Base)
- Two 2.75"x8"x3/4" blocks with 45 degree angle cut on one of the 8" sides (Base Track A and B)
- Two 2.75"x4.5"x3/4" blocks with 45 degree angle cut on one of the 4.5" sides (Base Track D.1 and D.2) 
- One 4"x4"x3/4" block with 45 degree cuts on two of the sides (Base Track C)
- One 2.75"x3"x3/4" block (Tracer Arm)
- One 2"x7"x3/4" block (Main Slide)
- One 2.75"x14"x3/4" block (Main Arm)
- One 2.75"x6.5"x3/4" block (Spindle Arm)
- Two 2.75"x1"x3/4" blocks (Spindle Arm Spacer A and B)
- One 2"x7"x3/4" block (Spacer Arm)

- Two 2"x1"x1/8" blocks with half pipe cut outs (use 1" PVC pipe to measure)
- One .974"x1.31"x1/8" "C" shaped ring
- One 1.018"x.50"x1/8" ring
- One 3.25"x4.25"x1/4" block (with four drilled 3/8" holes in each corner)

One 1/16" thick Angled 3/4"x36" (cut down into two 10" pieces)

Take the 16"x22"x3/4" pre-cut board (noted above) and cut a 3/8"x6"x3/4" groove to allow a 1/4" bolt to slide up and down (start the groove 1" from the top of one of the 16" sides and center of board at 8")

Draw out and drill nine 3/8" holes to creat a 6"x6" grid in the middle of the board

Install the1/4"-20 furniture nuts to the back side of all nine holes.

Super glue the 1/4" washers on the front side of the board over all nine holes.
<p>I like this design, but i have a question. How does the &quot;engraver&quot; lift up between each letter without creating some type of offset error? Does the whole arm lift up? I need to engrave panels with text and symbols. Could this be done with a 1:1 picture of the design?</p><p>...I hope my question makes sense..... lol</p><p>Jim</p>
<p>May I use your concept for a project I am working on? I am hoping to be able to reverse engineer a template for hex-a-pod legs and need a way to duplicate the pattern once the first one is correct. Thanks Larry Arnold (<a href="mailto:larystoy@yahoo.com" rel="nofollow">larystoy@yahoo.com</a>) </p>
<p>It's really cool. Can u add some videos? :)</p>
niiiiice !&hellip; <br> <br>but I guess many of us need a video &hellip;&nbsp; <br> <br>&quot;We all want a video !&hellip;&quot; &quot;right on ! all we are asking is give us a vid' !&quot; <br>We gonna make you famous !!!&hellip; LOL and thanx again !&hellip;
This is fantastic! It's like a 'sketch-a-graph' for builders! You've put a lot of thought and innovation into this.
So this is the exact thing I started trying to make and you might say I was failing terribly so I'm going to give this a look over soon.
Very cool project. Can you add some video of this in action please? <br>
Thats the best idea I've seen in a while
Thumbs up.Great instructable, this is the most amazing woodworking project I've ever seen. A really low cost, non critical and easy to find parts.
Wow i just started one of these last week you ible helped a-lot
Very good work! congratulations i like it a lot!
This is awesome,
Thanks ikssk
Very good work!
Thanks rimar
Thank you for a useful Instructable.
Thanks Phil

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