I have this theory that anything you make from scratch will automatically be better than something you buy in the store, by sheer virtue of being created as opposed to 'engineered'.  Consistency is the enemy of delicious.

So you love Pearson's Salted Nut Roll right? Me too, but probably because it's just a poor substitute for these salted nut rolls my grandmother used to make from her 'secret recipe'.  However, if I know my grandmother 'secret' means 'off the back of the condensed milk can'.

This is the 'easy' version, which concentrates on taste and prep time as opposed to looking pretty.

Step 1: Hardware

This is a low maintenance recipe, so you need very little that will need washed.

You will need the following utensils:

 - Microwave safe bowl (you can do this on the stove in pan, but the microwave is faster)
 - Rubber spatula
 - Waxed or butcher's paper
 - Measuring cup
 - 9x13 Pan

Oooooh... This stuff is delicious, I need to make some!<br />

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