Step 5: Top them cookies

Picture of Top them cookies
Using a knife, an offset spatula, or whatever device floats your boat, spread the caramel mixture on top of your cookies.  Be generous.

Some of your cookies may not be structurally sound enough to support the force of having caramel and coconut applied to them.  My guess is not enough baking time.  Do not abandon these cookies, dear friends!  Remember, they started out life as delicious shortbread.  They can remain in your life as the cookies you secretly eat when no one's watching!  Or as  your "test" cookies to try out different ratios of toppings!  These broken cookies are a blessing.
Amersroyal3 years ago
I would suggest filling a zip lock bag with a big enough size opening at the bottom of the bag to pipe the coconut-caramel goodness onto them. Samoas are my favorite Girl Scout Cookie!

Great suggestion - thanks!

ser_pez4 years ago
a question: did you have any trouble getting the coconut/caramel mixture to stick to the cookies?? i'm not sure if the mixture wasn't hot enough or what, but i had a hard time getting it to stick.
karlpinturr4 years ago
Broken cookies a blessing? - More like Cooks' Perks!