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Introduction: Sandblaster Homemade

This is the Sandblaster I made using an old water heater tank (about 30Lt and wall mount type) the only modification need to the tank apart from the welding of the wheels , leg and handle  was a 4mm stee plate cutting with a cylindrical part with thread welded at the cencter for adding the sand as you can see on the photos !
The reason i made a sandblaster is because it cost me about 100 euros where as if i bought one i would have cost me about 400 euros !!! So buying one was not an option
If their are any questions or i didn't give a detail enough explaination please ask  !
Here is a video woth some more  detail to it :

DISCLAIMER NOTICE : I dont  have any responsibility for your actions ,the information i provide you with is for educational
purposes and only !!!



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    Nice work! It might be a good idea to direct the pressure relief output downward with a nipple and an elbow, that way it can't blow your nuts off. : )

    Yes, we need one !

    Where did you get the funnel? Is it something you made or purchased?

    Nice job given me a few ideas, much better making it my-self than buying finisher one.

    Very nice job! But I have two questions. What do you used for cup on top? Some scrap or what? And what compresor do you have 8 bar 25, 50 Liters? And for a spark cheramic nice idea!

    When i have time i will make sample video although the air feed from the compressor is not optimum !!

    How do we know that your project works? Could you post a video of your work in action?

    Ingenious and I love the nozzle invention

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    thanks though the nozzle wasn't my idea it was from someone that did sandblasting for some time and knew a few things about it !!

    Can you make a more explicit instructable?
    I'm interested in your project, but i's not very explicit.