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Introduction: Homemade Sculpey Clay

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Sculpey clay is expensive, that's why I used this recipe

Step 1: Ingredients

2 cups cornstarch

2 cups baking soda

2 cups water

Step 2: Steps

Place the baking soda and cornstarch in a pan
Place on stove top on medium
Add the water and mix
Watch the clay and continue stirring because it will burn very quickly
When it gets the consistency of mashed potatoes, stop the burner and place on counter
Knead the clay ontology silky and place in plastic bag for storage

Step 3: Results

The clay is ready to mold and bake



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I do not see how long to bake it for the home made clay sculpey clay

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Lmbo!!! People on here are incredible. Even after 2 yrs they still make me laugh.....

@drinkypoo - are you on medication? The person who posted this is not Trademark infringing, as 1) this recipe is not being passed off as the original Sculpey clay and 2) there is nowhere on here where this person is asking for money or asking for anything that would induce personal gain. Maybe you should lay off the drinkypoos???

Is there anyone share prodcuts using the materials made by this recipe?

how long do i bske it for and at ehat temperature

This might be a good clay recipe but it's very misleading to compare it to sculpey in any way. I found that it rose and cracked during baking and burned easily. Also it does not have the flexibly of sculpey and would/could not form any small details. For simple projects or for kids this may be a great recipie but I'd suggest something else for anything more complex.

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thanks! I have used a variation of this recipe for years! I put white school glue in with the water in equal amounts. it works well. I also have separated it into smaller amounts & added food coloring...never had a problem.

Thanks for the tip about adding glue and food coloring into this particular recipe. :)

Sculpey is made from PVC (poly vinyl chloride) with a plasticizer added to it. I met the inventor once. He came to my home and when he and his wife saw how much of the stuff I was working with he told me not to touch it with my hands any more without gloves - and to eat lots of vegetables.

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Huh? I'm pretty sure you never met the inventor of Sculpey.

I was ordering 100 pounds at the time (wholesale) and when the inventor and his wife were vacationing in Ft Lauderdale they saw me at an art show - they recognized the work I was selling was made from Sculpey, I gave them my card and they came over to visit. They were old, the last name started with a Z and that is all I remember besides their comments. I didn't know I would be mentioning it 25 years later and would need proof or I would have taken photos.

Six degrees of separation is all that separates all people on the planet. This, curiously is the average amount of steps a Columbia university study needed to deliver email with 48000 senders and 19 targets. Also, honey combs have six sides and 3 6es are the number of the beast, so therefore email and honey are products of the devil!! ( I love Jeff Beck logic). LOL.

No really, the six degree thing is real. dont really know if honey is satanic, though i doubt it is.

I believe you. It doesn't sound implausible.

If you do a search on polymer clays you will find that they are, or at least were made with polyvinylchloride and that the plasticizer had potential endocrine effects. It is extraordinary that people have to be "pretty sure" that someone else's experience is not possible.

Due to a low thyroid condition, I have really bad fingernails-- they are thin and they split. When I'm working with sculpey daily, as I do sometimes, they get wonderfully thick and strong. I know those plasticizers are bad for me, but i sure do like what they do for my nails :/

Sculpy, by Polyform Products admission, is PVC product, which was invented in 1960. I have no idea what you are talking about Robert, but you should do fundamental research. I am not sure what the relevance of the invention date of PVC is to the formulation of Sculpy. If you mean that PVC was invented before Sculpy, then you are correct.

How long and what temperature does this bake at? Is a home oven ok to use?

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Wikipedia is not a reliable source. Make sure to compare your facts.