Picture of Homemade Shampoo
Your ultimate guide to homemade shampoo! Here are ten easy recipes you can use to find the perfect formula for your hair.

The benefits are that you can use all natural ingredients, avoid all of the fillers and irritants commercial makers use, scent it any way you want, and customize it to suit your hair's needs.
What more do I need to say?

I love my homemade shampoo. It smells great and leaves my hair feeling light and soft.
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Step 1: BASIC

For normal hair, or as a base to add your own scents, use

Mix together all the ingredients. Store in a bottle. Shake before use.
This mixture isn't as thick as commercial shampoos - you'll need to just tilt the bottle over your head.
I am really impressed with how much lather I get from it though!


Picture of STIMULATE
To wake up your scalp and your senses, try tea tree and peppermint oil!
This one's my personal favorite, and the one I use daily. It's so refreshing!

Mix all ingredients, then add 1/4 cup distilled water
Store in a bottle. Use as you would any shampoo, rinse well.

Step 3: QUENCH

Picture of QUENCH
For dry hair, try this:

Mix together all the ingredients. Store in a bottle and always shake well before using.

Apply to hair and allow to sit for a few minutes. Rinse well with cool water.
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I do not know if someone else has made this comment but if you would like to thicken up the shampoo so it is not quite so runny you can add 1/4 tsp. of xanthum gum powder that you can get from a local health food store to every cup of the shampoo. It will thicken up quite nicely the direction on the package normally say 1/2 tsp per cup but that makes it really thick start out at 1/4 and go up from there if you feel the need. I've been using it for years to double bottles of commercial body soaps and it does not leave a film or residue. Hope it helps

I wonder if you can use baking soda to thicken it a bit?

I've tried homemade shampoos before (worked alright but smelled awful --I am excited about these ones!) and what I found effective was to store it in a spray bottle rather than a jar. I would mist it over my head and then massage it into a lather. Pouring it on always ended up with using too much!
scoochmaroo (author)  espohranderson3 years ago
That is a brilliant suggestion!
Firstly, thanks for this instructable scoochmaroo, it's been very eye-opening for me :) Secondly, I have a question about the you know if it's OK to use deionised water instead of distilled? I bought a big container of deionised after a shop assistant assured me they were the same, only to get home and google it to find that actually, they are slightly different. Do you have any idea if it will do the job? Cheers R
scoochmaroo (author)  rocketboyroger4 years ago
De-ionized water is great. Go for it!
...also, do you think this is suitable for using as hand wash...after all, it's got the tea tree oil's antiseptic qualities :)
scoochmaroo (author)  rocketboyroger4 years ago
I use this as my everything wash. Tea tree oil is great for my acne-prone skin!
That's brilliant! I am planning to use it the same way (I've just refilled all my hand wash dispensers and shower gel bottle with a batch) It just smells so damn nice :D Thanks again
Excellent! Thanks for letting me know :D
BojanaJ5 days ago

I've used Dr. Bonner's castile soap for my hands, and I noticed it felt a little sticky as I was rinsing. I would assume it could cause some problems with my hair (it is insanely curly). any advice/recommendations?

i live in england and ive never heard of castile soap , so what can i use instead ? :)

marymac26 days ago

Long, long time ago I had added an envelope of Knox gelatin to 16 oz bottles of inexpensive shampoo to give it another benefit of the shampoo. Well, doh!! It makes the shampoo thicker and might help to keep this version from being separated and make it a bit easier to apply. My "refill" will include the gelatin this time.

Oh, I didn't have a bottle handy to reuse so I bought a bottle in the kitchen department. I was looking for a ketchup dispenser but this time, it is clear plastic and I like it better than anything else I could find.

FaithRawks29 days ago

The most all natural shampoo and rinse that I have used is Baking soda for washing and ACV or white vinegar for rinse rinse. Wet hair and sprinkle 1/4 cup of baking soda massage it all through your hair.. It feels terrible as if you have stripped everything from your hair. (Don't panic) After rinsing that out of your hair take 1/4 cup of vinegar add it to a glass of water and rinse your hair.. Your hair will feel normal ;) You can rinse the vinegar rinse out or leave it.. Once your hair is dry you don't smell the vinegar at all.. I was told that this wash keeps the level of ph in your hair at it's proper level. I have been using this about 3 months and love it. My use to be dry hair is now soft and manageable. FYI note: soap suds is not a requirement for getting things clean. Chemicals have been added to make things suddy because of the propaganda that we all have been fed. ;)

aohlmann1 month ago

Does anyone know if this can be used for body wash or hand soap?

horse poop4 months ago


lplayford5 months ago

Love the Peppermint shampoo!

renina6 months ago

Hi! May I ask how long I can keep this QUENCH shampoo recipe? Thank you!!! :)

Thanks so much for this! I have a question, I have castor oil on hand, could I use that instead of jojoba oil? I've heard its good for thickening and growing hair. Also peppermint gives me a headache so I was wondering if I could use any essential oil or if peppermint oil does something specific in the shampoo.

The peppermint essential oil is a matter of preference, not a requirement. Im sure castor oil would work fine since

Also you can try using canola oil instead of jojoba, which usually comes out feeling less greasy than the latter.

Minnie587 months ago
what homemade shampoo would you recommend for color treated hair?
wblack38 months ago
I wish I had hair. I would try Dr Scootchmaroo's patented hair cleaning solutions for all conditions what ail you all. No, really.

Also, clove leaf oil, cinnamon oil, tea tree oil and vanilla essence make for a powerful anti-dandruff and other fungus-based skin ailment treatment. Take it from a mould expert and type 1 diabetic. Yes, dandruff is a fungus-related thing.

More photos of Scootchmaroo in the shower, please!

No, really.

Yes, I'm serious!
jujulu10 months ago
Thank you for this post. I made the basic shampoo recipe with avocado oil and a few drops of tea tree oil. I love, love, love it! I do take extra time to rinse and then I slowly do a second rinse with diluted apple cider vinegar (because it brings back childhood memories. My mom always rinsed my hair with apple cider vinegar). I have thick healthy hair anyway but it is so much nicer now. I couldn't be happier :-)
vmallard10 months ago
Everyone should be aware that if you have color treated hair, Lisa Bonner's blog (Dr. Bonners granddaughter) states that you SHOULD NOT use Dr Bonner's Castile soap in your shampoo recipe.
liam71 year ago

The amount of each ingredient used, does it not depend on how many oz bottle your trying to fill?
Kelly021 year ago
I must try this!! Thank you!
mimilynda1 year ago
What great natural recipes & instructions! You're helping lots of ladies by sharing this info ... thanks for paying it forward, the Universe will reward you!!
This is so great and glad more people are doing it. I make my own castile soap and love the coconut oil in it. My hair feels great and because its light and frizzy the extra weight of the coconut helps out! So glad this is available to more people now!
Nice. Thorough! Pretty, too.
stepdad231 year ago
Can someone private message me pls to let me know this is working lol
mjacobs92 years ago
Great tips! Natural products are the best for hair, though I must admit that I'’ve been cheating a bit ,haha, I use a Pro Naturals Moroccan Argan oil system, it has EVERYTHING you need to get dry and brittle hair back to health. My hair used to look terrible but it's been improving a lot thanks to this stuff. I use the argan oil, the shampoo and the hair mask. It's really good! (it's online at
How do i know if i get a responce lol
stepdad231 year ago
Im helping my step son his class has to make homade shampoo using household products can anyone help it must lather
mholgate11 year ago
I was just wondering…
If I added de-ironised water (or whatever its called)would it work as an ordinary shampoo or would it just turn into one big fat sloppy mess???
Hi all, Thank you for the shampoo recipe :) Iv been trying to go all natural for my hair and skin care, and after days online looking at lots of wesites and blogs I thought your recipe looked the best. From the first wash I loved it! I was worried Id be one of the people who went through a few weeks of greasiness but nope - it left light, soft ringlets. However, the more Iv been using it its no longer perfect and Im left with a sticky residue at the ends of my hair :( Has anyone had this problem or have any suggestions? Many thanks :)
amuscat11 year ago
Why isn't there one for oily hair?
shale91 year ago
How would you make this in bulk? And could I use it for my newborn(1 month) and toddler( almost 4 years)?
Do you have a recipe for someone who has very oily hair as well dandruff to make their own shampoo and also what about a something to make for detangling your hair. I love your recipes so far and have found them to be very easy adaptable and informative.
reachnana1 year ago
you can make natural hairspray w/ herbs, sugar, etc. i'm sure there's lots of recipes that work. and if u keep using the commercial after products, at least ur no 'pooing them out regularly! and most people like starting w/ the smaller recipe sizes till they get the right concoction for their head, so it's' mo easy to start small & adjust from there. have fun!!
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