Step 3: QUENCH

Picture of QUENCH
For dry hair, try this:

Mix together all the ingredients. Store in a bottle and always shake well before using.

Apply to hair and allow to sit for a few minutes. Rinse well with cool water.
SaraNasir3 years ago
my hair really dry... please tell me a shampoo that cleanses n makes my hair silk n shiny too ...:/
SIRJAMES093 years ago
ask & you shall receive....LOL

I was just asking a while back about Aloe Vera....guess I should read everything first....* embarrassed*
rcampanoli4 years ago
I just made a batch of this substituting coconut milk for the glycerin as I didn't have any and the coconut milk with help the soap to lather. Thanks for this recipe!
I had the same residue problem as a few other folks with this recipe. I've been using natural soap to wash my hair for six months and this is the first time this has happened...lame!
ctalaska4 years ago
I had little success with using this as a shampoo, but....
It makes the bestest bodywash ever! And I have *problem* skin. Also, I've been using TJ's aloe juice instead of aloe gel and water. Works great.
nawaz004 years ago
how can i make shampoo easily
Take a fresh egg yolk, mix it with some plant extract, for example camomile boiled on a steam bath. Mix/Beat it and use all of it immediately (do not store).
That's the easiest shampoo possible.
ps: I love camomile because it leaves highlights on the hair; it's extract has been used to wash/light/heal hair for centuries in Ukraine.
Hi, my hair has major damage from using commercial shampoo and conditioner all my life. I'm looking to go more natural, and have gotten my hair accustomed to only being washed every 8 or 9 days before it gets oily. About a 5 weeks ago I was nearly out of shampoo and though I'd dilute what was left with coconut water (we'd just bought a fresh one and no one wanted to drink it, so I used it rather than pour it down the drain) and have been washing my hair with that every 7 or 8 days now, and I've noticed that my hair is showing more split ends than ever before. I also use a natural bristle brush because I read online those are better for hair that breaks easily. My hair grows in thick and ever so slightly wavy but has no body and is prone to gathering into 'strings' that almost resemble dreadlocks. I'm even considering putting dreads in my hair. Before I do I want to try one last attempt at rescuing my hair. Would this quench recipe work well for my hair, and if not, what might? Please help because my husband is resisting my getting dreads with the stubbornness of a mule. Thanks!
the glycerin is usually vegetable and you can buy it at walmart or any drugstore. I found it at walmart near the alcohol and perxoide. It is sold as a skin softner.
way2goofy6 years ago
What kind of glycerin and where can i get it.