Step 17: Ball chutes behind target

Picture of Ball chutes behind target
The ball chutes that take the balls to the return ramp were made from stiff single-ply cardboard and lots of hot glue. This was an interesting challenge all by itself. I considered using pipes or a wooden structure of some sort, but nothing else would work in the amount of space I had left.

Once all the ball chutes were completed, a back panel was installed to finish it up.
kleahy2 years ago
Your table is great! I built a skeeball table as well, but what I did for the return was a bit simpler: I cut the PVC tubes longer, then made angled cutouts to determine which direction the ball would leave the hole. I matched up the ball lanes from under the table to the lanes from the return. The bottom most hole emptied straight down. The one above it skewed left. The one above that skewed right. The one above that skewed left, but a simple divider made it go further left than the lower hole.