Step 19: House rules and video

For competitive purposes, I've established some house rules. If a ball rolls back down the ramp you can replay it. If a ball bounces off the board and lands on the floor it cannot be replayed. You get eight white balls, and one colored ball which is the "money ball" and is worth double points.

I apologize if there are some parts of the project that I don't cover completely. There was so much trial and error and constant modification involved that it was difficult to document any sort of cut-and-dried process. If you are interested in trying something like this, I think this will give you a good idea of what to do, but there will still be a lot you'll have to figure out on your own.

Thanks for looking!

The current high score is... 730.

LiveCrafts1 month ago

I want to do this for my brother for Christmas, but I'll need my dad's help. I'm too young to do this! I hope he lets me!

nickels2 years ago
Wow, that looks fantastic. Tempted to try this, but your skill level >>>> mine. This is a top notch instructable. Nice job!
colossalman4 years ago
This is really great, I've been looking for a good end-to-end howto for this exact thing! Thanks!
seamster (author)  colossalman4 years ago
Cool, thanks!

(I see you're from Seattle. I grew up in West Seattle. I sure miss it!)
I live in Greenwood. I have some good friends in West Seattle as well.
reschner3 years ago
Fantastic! Well done! I can really appreciate your work-keep it up!
bflynt4 years ago
hey just wondering how much did it cost 2 build that ( if you didn't have the materials?)
tkaunzinger4 years ago
nice, but u should make the jump a bit less steep

seamster (author)  tkaunzinger4 years ago
Thank you. I tried a couple of different angles, and this worked best to create the necessary "hop".
hitachi84 years ago
Genius! 10/10.
ill build one if my house were big enough.
grunja4 years ago
great plan set. thanks for sharing.