Step 19: House rules and video

For competitive purposes, I've established some house rules. If a ball rolls back down the ramp you can replay it. If a ball bounces off the board and lands on the floor it cannot be replayed. You get eight white balls, and one colored ball which is the "money ball" and is worth double points.

I apologize if there are some parts of the project that I don't cover completely. There was so much trial and error and constant modification involved that it was difficult to document any sort of cut-and-dried process. If you are interested in trying something like this, I think this will give you a good idea of what to do, but there will still be a lot you'll have to figure out on your own.

Thanks for looking!

The current high score is... 730.

Here's the one I built
Awesome! Sorry I didn't respond sooner. I love the paint job. It looks almost exactly like mine size and shape-wise. How did it go? Lots of hiccups, or did it go pretty smooth?
Most of it went pretty well. I broke the jump in half at one point, and it got sprayed by a sprinkler on accident but other than that it went smooth. <br>
This is awesome! Im wodering aproximately how much did this cost to build? I want to do something similar if i can budget it under $200. I would like to keep it as close to $100 as possible.
<p>how did you come up with the angles or measurements fit the jump?</p>
<p>A lot of trial and error, if I recall correctly.</p><p>I don't have any additional details other than what I've already documented in the text and photos above. (It's kind of funny that I have to refer back to my own written steps to see how I did the various parts!) :)</p>
<p>This is very very impressive. Nice work. I have a suggestion and a question. </p><p>First, the suggestion...</p><p>Step 3, The ball return board you created. Is it possible to have used a slat wall board that has the &quot;lane dividers&quot; already cut to perfection?</p><p>Second, the question...</p><p>My wife is a Girl Scout Leader and my 7 year old daughter is also a Girl Scout who just moved from being a Daisy to a Brownie. Every year prior to the all famous GS cookie season, the girls attend what they call a &quot;Cookie Rally&quot; and this year, my wife volunteered to run said rally. It's always a &quot;Carnival&quot; theme and she basically is relying on ME to create 5 carnival type games. Skee Ball is one of these games I'd LOVE to create. The thing is, it needs to be portable and it needs to be light enough for transport to the location. I have seen some cardboard creations but that's pretty cheesy. How can I create something very very similar to this model but as I said, make it portable and make it as weight friendly as possible? </p><p>Thank you for whomever is able to help me - oh, I am very much a rookie when it comes to wood work. Willing to try but with as little &quot;craftiness&quot; as possible do to it being seen and used by over 100 Girl Scout kids, leaders, moms and volunteers. </p>
<p>Thanks Nick!</p><p>By wall board, l'm guessing you mean something like wainscoting? I'm not sure if the routed channels in that would be deep enough to hold the little walls like I did here. </p><p>Regarding a way to make a portable skee ball game . . . that might take several days in the shop tinkering and building to come up with a good method. Off the top of my head, I apologize that I don't have much to offer! :) </p>
<p>I want to do this for my brother for Christmas, but I'll need my dad's help. I'm too young to do this! I hope he lets me!</p>
<p>I made one out of cardboard with my little brother (its pretty cool)!</p>
<p>Gotta make one of these for my kids. Very nice!</p>
What is the surface the ball travels on after the Plexiglass. is it just painted wood.
I guess what would help me more than anything would be actual measurements.
is there any way you could show the plans in a more basic step to step way for us dummies. your plans are awesome but hard to read on here for a novice.
I'm glad you like it, thanks! <br> <br>Making this was not a cut-and-dried process, and I had to make it up as I went along. All the information I have regarding this project is already posted here, and I can't really boil it down any further than it already is. So I'm sorry, but this probably isn't the best project for a novice! Have you seen my cardboard captain america shield? That's a great one for beginning makers.
maybe some day I could make this out of metal cause by dad has a plasma cutter and a oxy cutter
Not video instructable lol
I posted a while back on this this video, but i have to say this is soooo cool. I dont think my parents would let me build one at the time, since i finished digging a pond while they were gone to work haha
Your table is great! I built a skeeball table as well, but what I did for the return was a bit simpler: I cut the PVC tubes longer, then made angled cutouts to determine which direction the ball would leave the hole. I matched up the ball lanes from under the table to the lanes from the return. The bottom most hole emptied straight down. The one above it skewed left. The one above that skewed right. The one above that skewed left, but a simple divider made it go further left than the lower hole.
This is awesome my dad said it should not be to hard to make my mom does not want us to build it though I was going to argue that my room is big enough but she would probably tell me to clean my room but I guess it would be worth it
I think it's worth it. Clean your room first, and then ask your dad to make you one. With your room nice and clean, how could he say no?<br><br>Good luck, I hope he makes you one!<br><br>
This is awesome I have to find a place for this in my room my room is like an L shape
I'd been thinking about making a very basic version of this to use for some children's games I run every week - but WOW your's looks totally professional! Well thought out, clever, good use of low tech where proper (glued cardboard!) Just an excellent project. Thanks for posting!
You're welcome! Thanks for the compliments, I'm glad you like it.
Thats an awesome instruct able im soooo showing this to my dad lol :)
Wow, that looks fantastic. Tempted to try this, but your skill level &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt; mine. This is a top notch instructable. Nice job!
An idea just occurred to me: How about adding an LED or LCD screen and some switches to register the different areas of the table. My guess is this already incredible instructable can be kicked up a notch with some intermediate arduino electronics added to it for keeping score automatically. I'll update if I ever get it working. This project seems out of my league, but I am going to attempt it anyway. Here goes nothing!
Glad to see you took this on, and bumped it up a few notches!
I only wish I had your tools and skills! Thanks for the inspiration. I never would have tried making my own, or even considered it, until I read this instructable. My kids thank you :)
I tried to stick to your general plan, but i didn't do the ball drop lever because it looked too confusing and I was working with a deadline <br>
Your scoring system is brilliant! Great build, and nice design!
Thank you! It was a fun project.
Why is it every instructable I like....you write lol =) ... Keep up the awesome work.
Nice design. I've been trying to think something like this up myself.
So how easily does the main ramp slide out after the side rails are put on? Did you have to raise the rails up at all to make more space? I just don't want to put the rails in so tight that the ramp won't slide out.
Everything fit snug, but I could disassemble it all to reach any part of the game if needed. I would recommend designing yours likewise, just in case an errant Hot Wheels car or some other toys gets stuck somewhere... I speak from experience.
It also makes painting different parts much easier if you can assemble it completely beforehand, make sure it works, and then take it apart to paint.
Hey how big did you make the space out of the main ramp that the jump sits in?
I don't remember exactly. It seems like the opening from the end of the ramp to the target board was about 8 inches or so. There was a lot of trial and error at this point in the project. I recall having to reshape and tweak angle of the jump quite a bit.
Yup I see it, thanks! Also, how far did did you cut down on the top of the side frames to make the slant? It looks like 6 inches on your diagram, but it looks less than that in the pictures.
Ah, eagle eyes you have. Apt username. <br> <br>It looks like you're right, but I don't know exactly if I changed it or why, or what the new dimensions would be. I sold the thing a while so I can't measure it. One step I never included here is that I added some casters to make it easier to move around. When I did that I believe I made it so the back would sit a couple inches higher, and this might be why the slant angle appears in some photos to be less than in the layout. But like I said, I can't remember for sure!
How did you attach the target board to the frame? Did you just glue it?
I put some cleats onto the frame sides, and the board is screwed to these from behind. You can see them in a few shots. They are just 3/4&quot; by 3/4&quot; strips of wood that were glued and nailed to the sides.
I take that back. You can only see what I'm talking about in one photo--2nd photo in step 17, right side.
Hi there, so I was planning on making this, and just to be clear the only materials that i need are 3/4, 1/2 and 1/4 inch mdf and pvc to make this build? Thank you!
Ah, I can't say exactly since I made this quite a while ago. There are many more things you will need than those you listed.&nbsp;<br> <br> I say this with no intention of sounding rude, but you'll have to just read the whole instructable for the details. This is my record of the project, and I don't have any more information than what I have already included here. &nbsp;<br> <br> Good luck with the project if you decide to make one for yourself!
Going to try and make one of these, although a bit smaller. Still using golfballs, but the overall frame. Have you ever thought of building vending machines? I have made a soda machine. Not one to put out by a store or anything but just a cool little table top one? By the way, all your instructables are really cool. I don't know how you think of them.
Thanks. It looks like you've got more than enough woodworking skill to make your own skeeball game! You should totally go for it. <br> <br>Good luck, and let me know how it goes!

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