Homemade Slushie/ Snow Cone Syrup

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How to make your very own slushie/ snow cone syrup from things the average person will have in their house!

Step 1: Things you will need

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Things you will need:

- Measuring cup
- Kettle (or some way to boil water.)
- Kool-Aid powder
- Empty bottle
- White sugar
- Large bowl
- Funnel (not pictured)
- Spoon (Pictured, but only the pure of heart will be able to see it)
pann5 years ago
How can you not know what Kool-aid is?
dexusno pann1 year ago

To the people that are amazed that someone does not know what Kool-Aid is: For your information, Kool-Aid is not sold in most parts of the world.. In Europe it's not a household name. I know what it is, but I have lived in the US for a couple of years..

katy71043 years ago
good instructable

n0ukf3 years ago
Why are you mixing two measurement systems (Tbsp, cups and ml)? Don't most people have one or the other, not both?
margann4 years ago
Great instructable, but you forgot the vodka!
lol like all the comments are about him not knowing what kool-aid is, nice instructable though
arikyeo6 years ago
what is kool aid?
I think I am going to cry. :'(
 Sweet Jesus Man... You don't know what Kool Aid is?!  
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