Picture of Homemade Smoke Bomb
Materials: sugar, stump remover, aluminum foil, fire


1. Take the stump remover and sugar and mix them together.

2. Heat the two up together and make it carmalize into a goop.

3. This may or may not work, but I have a way that I will show you how to make it later on involving sugar and potassium nitrate.
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kymyst1 year ago
Here is the site from which your photos have been copied :
The images are identical.This is a commercial site which sells smoke bomb kits.
kymyst1 year ago
Item 1 in your procedure : take stump remover and sugar and mix them together. Now you are saying it doesn't work ? How did you produce the photos ? I don't believe you have made the smoke bomb shown in the photos, but have copied it from somewhere else.
Needs more detail such as formula for mixture etc.
ajensen19 (author)  Lectric Wizard1 year ago
Stump remover and sugar doesn't work. Do potassium nitrate and sugar. That works. It can be done in any amount as well as any proportion.

I have made a video where I put together a firework display of whimsical ideas for smoke bombs.
^^What he said!^^
kymyst1 year ago
The photo shows yellow smoke, but a mixture of potassium nitrate and sugar burns with white smoke. What did you use to make it yellow ? And what proportions did you mix together ? I think you need to include some more details.