Homemade Snickers Candy Bar Recipe

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Snickers candy bars are awesome, but I wanted to try making them at home without all the stabilizers and additives necessary for a mass-market, shelf-stable candy bar*.  This recipe is super-easy, and makes a full pan of delicious homemade Snickers candy bars!

Beware, they're extremely good, and as I said, the recipe makes LOTS.  Be sure to have a crowd to eat these treats, or the self-control to put them in the freezer for longer-term storage!  My testers report that these candy bars taste even better frozen.

*Yes, I know this version still uses ingredients that contain some stabilizers and additives - they make it taste most like a true Snickers bar.  Feel free to substitute homemade peanut butter, marshmallows, etc to fit your preferences.

Step 1: Gather materials and ingredients

Picture of Gather materials and ingredients
I'm giving these ingredients by both weight and volume where relevant.  Weighing is much easier, but if you don't have a digital kitchen scale yet* the volume measurements will do. 


14 oz milk chocolate (about 2 cups chips, or coarsely chopped bar) divided in half
3.5 oz  (1/2 cup) butterscotch chips, divided in half
192 g (3/4 cup) creamy peanut butter, divided into 3 parts (1/4 cup, 64g each)
5.5 tablespoons butter (divided: 4 Tbsp and 1.5 Tbsp)
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup evaporated milk, divided in half
156 g (1.5 cups) marshmallow fluff
1 teaspoon vanilla
1.5 cups salted peanuts, chopped (or substitute nuts of your choice)
1 pound chewy caramels

Optional: (if coating the sides of your bars)
7oz milk chocolate
1.75 oz butterscotch chips
64g creamy peanut butter


one 9x13 pan
waxed paper or plastic wrap
microwave-safe bowl
small (1 quart) pot
heat-proof spatula
sharp knife
cutting board

*No really, you should get a kitchen scale NOW!  They're cheap, and make baking so much easier.  You can get an excellent scale from Amazon for about $25.

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Ruminator3 years ago
Many thanks Canida, I lost my job at Xmas and am only working part-time now, protien bars are expensive now. Your Instructable has inspired me to have a punt at making my own, Cheers.

not nice

DeymaneW4 months ago

not nice

tracie.costa7 months ago
I'm going to making these for a friend but I have to send them to him. Has anyone sent something like this and how did you do it? It's going from Oregon to Cali I think the weather should be cold enough to send just fine now. Any advice is appreciated

not nice

CatAuror191688 months ago
Sorry about the question marks my iPad turns emojis into question marks
CatAuror191688 months ago
WOW! This is such a great recipe. You must have taken ages planning it.??
gosphero2 years ago
They look so good! This robot is drooling.
How long did you let it sit in the freezer? Until frozen or until solid?
RMOWERY3 years ago
Be sure to remove the boiling mixture from the heat BEFORE adding the marshmallow creme or it will never set. You will get the result you want this way.
i think I'm gong to electrocute myself from drooling on the keyboard....
hviaene3 years ago
Couldn't you also do it via 'au bain marie'? Or does it really have to be in an microwave?
tbrimlow4 years ago
Haven't tried it yet but definitely going to soon sounds so delicious
duck_tape_5 years ago
a double boiler might work well for melting the caramel
canida (author)  duck_tape_5 years ago
You're right!  That would be the perfect tool, but I didn't have one at hand and am lazy. ;)
bowl over a small pot with water in it?
patrickh444 years ago
wooow, those look so delicious!
lemonpickle4 years ago
oooooooo this looks good
smarico584 years ago
I bet that if you avoided the peanuts, and left everything else the same, that they would make good Milky Ways too.
it taste so good.
I didn't buy peanuts. I just realized you need peanut butter. Well... Im not allergic to peanuts, but I was thinking of making this for new years (yea, its in quite a while) and one of my cousins is allergic that I would see there.
canida (author)  barri_kid4 years ago
Substitute almonds and almond butter, or another nut butter. Won't taste quite the same, but avoiding anaphylactic shock is key. ;)
knexfan1005 years ago
normal snickers cost $2.50. these homemade bars cst 50 cents per bar to make and taste better and it still satifies
$2.50 for a Snickers bar?  That seems really high.  I can usually find the King Size candy bars for about $1.50 or less where I live, and the regular sizes are often on sale for about $0.50. 

So, if a regular candy bar is approximately 1 inch wide and 4.3 inches long, you could get about 36 regular sized bars in the pan, plus the extra that was cut off to make the nice square edges.  That would cost me about $18 to buy, thus the homemade snickers would be a slightly better price.

I assume, based on the large difference in the cost of the candy bar alone (and the fact that I can get 2 cups of chocolate chips for about $1 as opposed to $5), that I can get the raw ingredients for some price less than what was posted, and would therefore be an even better deal.

Regardless, this looks awesome and I plan to try it out.
SirisC Kaldric5 years ago
Don't know where y'all get your snickers, but a regular snickers bar usually costs between $0.20  and $0.50 each at grocery stores (usually 3 per dollar). I might be able to understand $2.50 inside Disney World or at the movie theater.
kcirillo SirisC4 years ago
in orlando the average snickers bar is like $1.89 (at 2 different grocery stores today)

like i said, the price went back to normal but that does not mean i would buy them because I can make them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In michagan the price shot up by alot the past year. now they finally fixed the price but that does not mean i would buy them because I can make them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 So, what you're saying, Kaldric is it's a single serving?!?  LOL
$2.50 for a normal Snicker bar? Whoa! Fortunately not here in the flyover portion of the USA.
barri_kid4 years ago
How many will this make in the end? I know you say lots, but how much is a lot? 20? 30? 50?

Also, unfortunately? one dinner might consist of these...

What is marshmallow fluff by the way?
skaar barri_kid4 years ago
i jarred marshmallow, softer than the puffed ones.
YUM. I am so making these! Thanks for the inspiration (and instructions!)
Anyone know how many this makes if cutting them into shown size?
canida (author)  ModernAchilles4 years ago
I used a 9x13 pan. Figure you lose about 1/2" on each side due to the curved edges of the pan, so once it's squared off you're working with an 8" x 12" block.
mailmam714 years ago
I thought these looked interesting and yummy, I had most of the stuff and had something to go to tonight so decided to make them. It was fun, it was messy and I thought I'd never finish!! I didn't have time to get them really frozen before cutting so they didn't turn out as nice as the pictured ones but everyone raved over them so it was a success. I'm not sure I'll ever do it again but my hats off to you who come up with these recipes and then all the pictures!
canida (author)  mailmam714 years ago
Yay, I'm glad you liked them!
Freezing will definitely help. If you get the chance to make them again, definitely leave them longer to freeze. Much easier to handle, and tastier too. ;)
vicvelcro4 years ago
Ok, so...

Made a second batch today (still cooling in the freezer). A tag team job. My cousin and her 2 kiids (6 and 8). We requisitioned a vehicle and a driver to make an emergency trip to the grocery store.

Great fun for kids to help with. Just be sure to delegate the proper task to the appropriate individual.

Total time was about 25 minutes. Total cost was about $15, but there were leftover nuts and fluff and peanut butter. Materials used were probably about 11 bucks.

Cleanup was easier this time due to the kids licking the bowls and the spoons prior to hitting the sink. Less rubbing and scrubbing for me.

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