Homemade Snickers Candy Bar Recipe


Step 10: Store and Serve

Picture of Store and Serve
Your Snickers bars will keep for quite a while if frozen - just layer them between waxed paper in a sealed plastic container.   Beware storing them at room temperature too long, especially during the summer, as the chocolate has a rather low melting temperature.

But don't worry, these won't last long!  The hard part is not eating the whole pan yourself.

Serve frozen:

Served fresh out of the freezer, they taste awesome!  Since they lack the stabilizers and waxes used to keep commercial candy bars shelf-stable, they're a bit soft at room temperature.  This means the texture is fantastic when they're frozen - the chocolate is crunchy but not rock-hard, and the caramel and nougat are nicely chewy.  It's half-way between a regular Snickers bar and Snickers ice cream bars.  Everyone in the Instructables office preferred this serving style!

Serve at room temp:

This is a great option if you want nice gooey caramel, or are serving these Snickers as party buffet finger food.  Since the chocolate will get a bit tacky, I recommend serving squares of candy bar in individual muffin cup liners - it's a great way to keep portions separated and fingers clean. 

Keep an eye on the room temperature - if it's too hot, the chocolate may become too melty to handle!  If this seems likely, you can place your muffin cup liners on a metal baking sheet set atop a bed of ice.  The bit of additional chill should keep your chcoolate in good shape.  If this is for a summertime barbecue, plan to swap in new ice as needed, and keep the bars in the shade.  If you're really concerned, consider melting an ounce or two of food-grade wax (paraffin, sold near canning supplies) into each batch of chocolate mixture to raise the melting point and give it more solidity.

Ruminator3 years ago
Many thanks Canida, I lost my job at Xmas and am only working part-time now, protien bars are expensive now. Your Instructable has inspired me to have a punt at making my own, Cheers.
Anyone know how many this makes if cutting them into shown size?
remeriel5 years ago
Wow! I made these for a dessert contest at my church and totally won! I have been asked to bring them to the next event. MAJOR hit! Thanks for such a great recipe!
mayday2955 years ago
 Very nicely done!! I cant wait to try this one, and I bet that would have look like a real snickers bar and been thicker had you of put the peanuts on the top layer as you said.

Cant wait!