Introduction: Homemade Solder Wick/braid

I wanted to share with you this trick i learned years ago when i was trying to clean some Pcb traces. One night while i was doing some electronics repair i found out that i run out of solder wick, because i don't use it that much i didn't care to have extra of it, so i grabbed a piece of copper wire, i smeared it with some flux and i use it as a solder wick and it worked like a charm.

Step 1: The Making

To make your own solder wick you will just need a piece of stranded copper wire and some flux.

  1. Strip the wire
  2. Twist the wire to hold a straight shape
  3. Apply some flux to it

And now you just made a solder wick from a piece of copper wire, you can use it as the usual solder wick.

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mrmetallica (author)2016-07-30

fantastic idea will give this a go.thanks

amgworkshop (author)mrmetallica2016-07-30


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