Picture of Homemade Spin Art Machine
Spin Art Machines have been around for a while and I have seen them at craft shows for years.

You could buy a Spin Art machine for anywhere from $12 to $282 depending on the size and quality of the machine.

If you have a spare box fan and some card board, you can make your own at home for pennies on the dollar!
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Step 1: Acquire Supplies

Picture of Acquire Supplies
1. Box Fan - any size (16", 20", etc) :

2. Corrugated Cardboard - I used the cardboard from a Husky air compressor cardboard box. Should be stiff

3. Chipboard - The size of the chipboard sheets depends on the size of the cardboard base cutout above. Use small chipboard sheets from Michaels or other craft store.

4. Push pins - Holds the chip board during spinning to the cardboard

5. Acrylic Paint

6. Mustard and / or Plastic Ketchup Bottles - Used to squirt paint onto spinning canvas (

7. Drywall screws - for attaching cardboard base to fan

8. Phillips screwdriver or Drill with phillips drill bit

9. Large cardboard box - to catch overspray

Step 2: Remove Front and Back Fan Grills

Picture of Remove Front and Back Fan Grills
Remove the front and back fan grills using a small phillips screwdriver and discard into trash.

Step 3: Cut Fan Blades

Picture of Cut Fan Blades
Using a dremel or other similar tool, slice existing fan blades from unit. Discard blades into trash. It's ok if you have a little excess "stump" from the blades.

Step 4: Cut 8" x 8" Cardboard Base

Picture of Cut 8
Using corrugated cardboard, cut approximately 8" x 8" and ensure it fits on top of white, circular disc in fan.

Step 5: Attach cardboard base to fan

Using at least 4 drywall screws, attach cardboard base to fan. Keep in mind you may have to use trial / error here. I noticed that in some spots, I could not drill into because it prevented the fan from spinning. Back out screw and try a new location.

Step 6: Execute 15 minute spin test

After I was sure the cardboard was firmly attached, I let the fan run on the highest setting to make sure the cardboard did not spin off. If you feel it will spin off, then add more drywall screws.

Step 7: Test Machine!

LindaM37 months ago

Step 4 Is it necessary to have several layers of the cardboard to affix to the fan? If so how many? Am I to guess the instruction meant to say 8-8"x8" cardboard pieces. If so what do I use to adhere layers of cardboard to each other. Instructions could have been a little clearer.

fozzy132 years ago
This looks cool! But I want more pictures : (
mvieke2 years ago
Show some videos. This looks like a blast for kids. Very cool idea.
person%3 years ago
cool! i could make a mini one of these and it will help me with art homework