Homemade Spork/knife





Introduction: Homemade Spork/knife

Since i have always wanted a spork but always found them too expensive. I thought let's make one myself

Step 1: Thing You'll Need

-An old spoon
-A hacksaw an anglegrinder or a dremel
-a couple of needle files i used a round one and a halfround one
-a marker
-some sandpaper

Step 2: Design

Use the marker to draw out the design you want to make.

Step 3: Sawing

First I used my dremel to cut it to length. Then I cut out the fork section of the spork. (Optionally you could use a round needle file to make a serrated section.) Then i filed the prongs of the fork to a sharp point and filed all the cut pieces round.

Step 4: Sanding

I used sanpaper from 120-400 grit to smooth all the edges so i wont cut myself.

Step 5: Washing

After i sanded everything I first washed it with regular dish soap and then put in the dishwasher to get it completely clean of any metal filings

Step 6: Use It!

In the end it worked out really nicely and it was very easy to make. It's a great tool for camping because it's the only utensil you'll ever need and its pretty lightweight and durable. I hope you liked my instructable! Leave a comment if you have any suggestions
Cheers Laurens



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    I have a set of vintage party sporks from the 50s or 60s. I like them & use them all the time at home. But I have a suggestion for better sporks. Put the serrated edge on the other side of the spoon so it will be away from your mouth when eating.

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    maybe he's left handed =P

    it's called a racing spork in the British army...if that's any help. Though they normally just sharpen one side of a spoon.

    Looks awesome and could be used as a weapon in a pinch if need be! I can't believe I didn't think of this myself!

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    Here's an idea: put the serrated knife edge on the handle. My store bought spork is longer and does that. It's plastic, so not that sharp, but to keep from cutting yourself, maybe make this a bit longer and/or put a cap over the serrated section?

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    I thought of that too but since my handle was pretty thick it would take too much time because i would have grind an edge on it and then use the files to make the serrations

    Cheers laurens

    I know it looks dangerous but I made the serrated edge on mine not super sharp

    I like it. But this is more then a simple Spork. Seems it also has a serrated knife incorporated as well. So you have to change the name to accomidate the knife as well.