here is my homemade springpowerd Airsoftgun.
it shoots around 200 m/s i think. you can see in the images it shoots trugh cds.
i can make a how to instructable if somone want s me too.
I will be making a upgraded soon whit a magazine, and smaller.

SEE THIS LINK FOR A DEMONSTRATION http://www.youtube.com/user/sabladask?feature=mhum#p/a/u/0/ff4Q81E9f4w
Please make a full instructable for this gun
Please make a full instructable for this gun
Please make a full instructable for this gun
Do an instructable
Please make an instructable and one for your new one.
You need to make more instrutables like this
dude make this grate idea a instructable
reat project
Please make a tutorial and step by step guide this looks so cool
how does your magazine fed one work?
that's cool
can you make a scetch?<br>
i can make a scetch? do you know fo any simple free software to drawe in?
you could use paint.
You can use Google Sketch up!<br>It works a charm!
i made a very very simple scetch, did not have much time ,,see picture.
pleas leave coments if you want me to make a how to on the newer verson, i will bee makeing soon.
When do you think this instructable will be finished?<br>It looks like a great project<br><br>
i am going to make this one
cool! ^^ send me a picture.
the best homemade bb gun i have ever seen !!!
cool gun!!!<br>
Oooooooooo you NEED to make an instuctable!!!!!!!!!!!
I have started to build the new model, which I will make an instructable to. But I'm missing some parts: P

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