Homemade Squeegee


Introduction: Homemade Squeegee

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We saw the idea online to put pipe insulation on a rake to act as a squeegee. We were not so sure it would work. We ended up needing a second squeegee to clean Steph's garage floor and we thought we would try out the idea.

Turns out it works! But the pipe insulation kept coming off so Steph thought two zip ties would keep it in place and that did the trick!

Step 1: Combine Materials


  1. Rake
  2. Pipe Insulation
  3. Two Zip Ties

Step 2: You're Done!

We had a real squeegee and this one we put together and this one was just as effective as the real squeegee. We will use this idea again!

Check out our website to see a video of this squeegee in action!



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