Introduction: Homemade Steel Knife With Carved Handle

Beastest knife I have made yet. Razor sharp, and very strong.


Ray from RI (author)2011-12-10

Of all the "made" knives have seen on this site yours is so far the only real knife that was made out of real scrap steel. All the other knives were mostly some kind of x-acto blades put on some kind of handle or retractable blades used the same way. Knife blades out of sawz all blades are a tad toooooo flimsy for my taste. If that is all you had to work with and you keep the blades short then it will do in a pinch, but I cannot see them with stand a lot of heavy use.

Your blade I assume was just re-ground out of the mower blade, and as long as you did not ruin the temper it should work very well and it is a thick enough blade that it will with stand a lot of heavy use. You made a nice looking knife, keep up the excellent work!!!

If you can obtain a copy of Percey W. Blandford's book "How to Make Your Own Knives ...Etc" He goes into forging and heat treating a knife, and he has many patterns for making many different type of knive, be they wood carving to chef's knifes. Also Blandford's Practical Blacksmithing and Metalworking is a good basic blacksmithing book. An outstanding introductory book on blacksmithing/metalworking is Alexander Weygers book on Blacksmithing. .Weygers likes to use re-cycle steel from truck springs, mower blades, coiled car springs and so forth to make a cornucopia of tools/blades. He was a master black/metal smith and an excellent illustrator and artist, and he profusely illustrated his book. It is well written and illustrated with lots of illustrations so there is no mistake in what he is showing you and how to do what he knows. Get these 3 books and you will have an outstanding beginning library on metal working, blaksmithing and knife making....!

Keep up the excellent work, and I hope you continue to show us your next creations. Haveing good books to lean from is one thing, but also get some begging and advance training in blacksmith and metal work as well from good teachers to improve your skills as well.

Take care!!!

Kaiven (author)Ray from RI2011-12-12

Thanks for the comment! I plan on posting a propane flaming sword when I get the funds, probably right around Christmas, because it's not just blades I like... I like combination weapons. Of course, most of them aren't exactly efficient, but it's fun as mess.

co2wms7whcc (author)2011-02-06

Hows the hardness of the lawn mower blade been over time, I'm going to make a knife for a school backbacking trip but I want the hardest spring steel I can get, and cutting isn't an issue, I've got an Oxy-acetylene torch and a wood shop to use!

You really may want to rethink the knife on a school outing even if it is a camping trip. Todays world does not handle common sense jestures well. For you and your parents sake, get written permission to bring the knife before you do it. Talk to the chaperones and your parents. The times are very volitile. There may not be a need and if it is I am sure they will provide what you need in the tool department. Be safe and prosper.

I go to a small menonnite high school and this trip actually requires a knife! I already have permission to make a knife in the bus shop at school, and last year me and another guy made a giant steel mace that weighs about 40 lbs. One of the teachers named it the menonnite blessing stick!

massmale99 (author)2011-04-04

nice job dude like it the numbers are kool looking gives it a outback slasher look
if you are into the survivor thing thanks for your efforts

jlyman13 (author)2010-02-18

Try doing paracord handles on your next one! They're by far my favorite

Kaiven (author)jlyman132010-02-18

How is the comfort? I don't have paracord, and can't buy it for various reasons, but I also can't drill through steel.  Even if I don't make a hole for the handle wrap, I think I still prefer a hand carved handle that fits my hand heheh...

Mr.Sanchez (author)Kaiven2010-12-16

Yeahh you´re right carved is better, but here is a tip, if u want to drill tempered steel just heat on a forge and drill with the metal hot.
Btw ..neat job.

jlyman13 (author)Kaiven2010-02-18

I love the feel, way plush haha. you dont need to drill through the steel there's alot of weaves and braids you can do to get it on there.

Kaiven (author)jlyman132010-02-18

Hmmm... might try it on my next knife.   If I don't like it, I can cut it off and put a wood handle haha.
Is there anything I can use in place of Paracord?

jlyman13 (author)Kaiven2010-02-18

paracord can be replaced with any sorta cord, whatever you got handy

CoffeeFreak (author)jlyman132010-10-22

Leather bootlaces work pretty well

Kaiven (author)jlyman132010-02-19

Hmm... I should look into that. I already have an idea for my next fixed bladed knife heheh.

jlyman13 (author)Kaiven2010-02-19

Nice i'm excited to see it. if you want some paracord just send me your address and I'll just mail you some, no biggie.

Kaiven (author)jlyman132010-02-19

Actually, throughout the day, there has been a turn of events... I may either make a HAK, or invent my own typ of raptor claw that can be mounted to my finger.

jlyman13 (author)Kaiven2010-02-19

that should be epic

imaplugger (author)2010-10-11

Leave the numbers, it looks more bushcrafty. Great job. Keep it up.

jwl41085 (author)2010-09-19

clip your nails.

Kaiven (author)jwl410852010-09-19

I have since then... lol... I tend to forget about keeping clean and looking nice when I am grinding steel and filing wood.

Lilswiss (author)2010-08-01

Wow that looks amazing! have you made a sheath for that or is it a sheath-less kind of knife?

Kaiven (author)Lilswiss2010-08-01

Right now sheathless, but I might make one in the future.

Lilswiss (author)Kaiven2010-08-01

Okay, regardless it still looks stunningly beautiful...

GodOfAwesomeness (author)2010-05-29

Incredible work, very neat, sharp and strong!
Well done, sir

Kaiven (author)GodOfAwesomeness2010-05-29

 Thank you :D

Vynerlong (author)2010-03-22

that is a very nice looking knife. im not sure if it was on purpose but the speckled black on the blade looks amazing. the handle looks very strng and well built. if you could, i am very interested in how you cut the blade.

Kaiven (author)Vynerlong2010-03-22

I do admire the speckles, but some people say that they prefer a shiny blade...
I cut the blade with an angle grinder, then finished the edges with a dremel and files.

Stockymann (author)Kaiven2010-04-17

Man BovineDestroyer, nice job!! I know folks who put cider or lemon juice on their blades to create a patina.  It's a nice look.  As is yours. It's personality. If you're familiar with "hamon", well, that's also a look of character on a blade... though it is caused by a structural/chemical reaction. Now you're into metalurgy. Never stop learning. Very exciting. I hope you explore the blade forums? Only one of them charges entry...
Huge brotherhood.
+ bol,

Kaiven (author)Stockymann2010-04-17

Thanks for the comment! But honestly, I was really confused by many things you said...? such as: patina, hamon, metalurgy, 'the blade forums', 'KUTGW, and '+ bol'. Maybe it's because I am tired, but I don't think I understand what you are talking about.

Stockymann (author)Kaiven2010-04-18

Patina...  use dictionary
hamon (haman)... use dictionary
blade forums...   you know...   knife maker forums.
kutgw...  keep up the good work
bol...   best of luck

Get some sleep...  then... "Wake Up!"

Kaiven (author)Stockymann2010-04-18

 Haha, thanks! If I get some steel, then you may see some better work...

jaredsalzano (author)2010-04-17


Celt (author)2010-04-11

Cool. I like the pitted look too.  I use antler or bone on my knives because you can shape it with a grinder too. (it just stinks real bad).  I think the serial numbers give it caracter.  I have an old knike made from Russian tank armor, I never would have known its origin if the serial number and Russian writting wasn't there.  It gives the knife a story.  I got it at a gun and knife show.( I live in Texas, these shows are the greatest).

cerberustugowar (author)2010-02-23

Knife looks good.  I'm working on my own but am waiting to heat treat it.

   Next time maybe check out some heat treating ideas and give that a try.  It would help keep the knife useful in the way of keeping it's edge and also give you the best of hardness and flexability

Phil B (author)2010-02-17

Nice work.  What did you use to cut the blank profile from the lawnmower blade?

Kaiven (author)Phil B2010-02-18

Yes, yes I did.

Phil B (author)Kaiven2010-02-19

My question was what tool or process did you use to cut the knife blank from the lawnmower blade?

Kaiven (author)Phil B2010-02-19

Oh, I'm sorry haha. Stupid me lol.
I used an angle grinder with a diamond cutting wheel to cut the basic shape out. Then I did a lot of grinding with a metal grinding disk. I also used that disk to grind a bevel.

Phil B (author)Kaiven2010-02-19

Thank you for your reply.  That helps quite a lot.

Patented (author)2010-02-17

Awesome work dude, looks very realistic !

Kaiven (author)Patented2010-02-17

Haha, of course! It's real!

Patented (author)Kaiven2010-02-18

Lol, I mean like a knife you would buy in a shop.. :P

firefighter1333 (author)2010-02-18

faved and best evar! (you know 5* thingie...)

Kaiven (author)firefighter13332010-02-18

Haha! Thanks! I do try sometimes! :D

Hiyadudez (author)2010-02-18

Haha! That is sweeet! 5*!

You should try and polish the blade or try to scratch off the serial number, then polish it again.

Kaiven (author)Hiyadudez2010-02-18

I attacked those numbers with a grinder... yet they are still there. I didn't want to risk grinding too much of the metal off, but I do have the other half of the steel. I could always try on that one, yes? :D

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