Introduction: Homemade Stickers, My Way

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Ey' peeps!

i'm back!

today i'm going to show you how i make homemade, glossy, somewhat water resistant paper stickers.

Step 1: Get Your Stuffs Together

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Alright, so here's what you'll need:

a $6 printer

more expensive ones will probably work aswell, probably. ;)

a sheet of printer paper

double-sided tape

clear packing tape


Step 2: Dat Awsum Design

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so, now's the time to design your sticker. i'd recommend GIMP if you want a good free (and open source) image editor and drawing program.

Step 3: Print It!

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time to print your design!

first, you need to place a motherboard and some random stuff on your printer...


you know you need to tidy up your room when you start using the printer that's already standing on a chair, as a shelf...

well, back to the point. i used OpenOffice to prepare the picture, and then just printed it.

if you own a printer, you'll most likely know how to do that.

Step 4: The Final Part

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done with printing? k, good.

this will be a bit of a 4-in-1 step, so grab yer stuff!

first, cut out the picture

then cover the backside in double-sided tape

then cover the front with packing tape

cut off the exess tape...

Step 5: ...and You Are Done!

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so, that's it!

remove the cover of the double-sided tape and stick it somewhere!


GEORGE the DIY person made it! (author)2017-09-03

that's good

Meglymoo87 (author)2016-05-19

Sweet! :)

Lineakat (author)2016-05-08

cool :)

kart15 (author)2016-05-08

nice idea.

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