Step 2: The Adhesive

Picture of The Adhesive
The ratio for glue to vinegar is 2:1. My first few batches were just 2 Tbsp glue and 1 Tbsp vinegar, which gave me about a half dozen letter-sized sheets of stickers (don't quite remember). However now I just mix up a huge batch and save it in a jar. Make sure you mix the ingredients well.

The adhesive is essentially what goes on the back of stamps- it won't taste horrible if you lick a little bit, but if you slobber it you might get a funky taste stuck on your tongue. Licking also isn't as good a method of adhesion. I couldn't tell you the exact chemical reaction, but what I believe happens is when the dry adhesive gets wet it reactivates the glue. So think that when you put the sticker down, you're pretty much gluing it on. Be mindful of where you put it...
Knuckles2345 years ago
were can i get a jar like that its awesome looking :D
SirBrittanicvs (author)  Knuckles2345 years ago
No idea. I just fount that jar in my house with some weird lemony spread in it that went bad.