Step 5: Application (The fun part)

Picture of Application (The fun part)
Find a good, flat surface to put your sticker on. Porous surfaces tend to work best, but sometimes it really depends on the amount of adhesive on the sticker. Use your spray bottle to give the adhesive a few good sprays so that it's all covered, it's good to spray from about a foot away so it doesn't get too concentrated. Too much water will make the adhesive too watery and not dry as well and not enough won't activate it, you need to play around with it. If you don't have a spray bottle a damp rag will do. Just brush it over the surface and slap it on.

Apply the sticker to the surface and hold it there for a second. Be sure to flatten out any wrinkles or bubbles. If you didn't weatherproof them with tape or plastic you can give the face of the sticker a few sprays to activate the adhesive absorbed in the paper.

Remember: These stickers can be tough to remove, be mindful of where you put them.

That's pretty much it. The few stickers I've made have been in high demand from friends and peers. I've also passed them around at concerts and given them to potential clients. It really helps to print out a bunch (if you have a good printer with waterproof ink) and make a bunch at once, cut out a few and keep 'em in a baggie. However, if your design's shape is complex (like the Cthulhu sticker) then be prepared for a world of hurt when you cut out sheet after sheet.
Have you ever used these to stick on glass? Thanx so much for thisTutorial, it is awesome!
supperducky4 years ago
ok so after they fully dry they wont stick to anything until you spray them with water right water is the key
SirBrittanicvs (author)  supperducky4 years ago
Correct. I've heard of some people using saliva (works for smaller stickers), however it'll leave a funky taste in your mouth.
If I put a teaspoon of sugar in the adhesive will it make it stronger, and stickier?
SirBrittanicvs (author)  Multi-artist4 years ago
I doubt it. I'm no chemist by there's a chance it could mess with the vinegar.
the instructable was great and i cant wait tot try it out but you didnt really explain everything such as the spray bottle.
thinbrain5 years ago
 loving the squid design
the damn rag worked surprisingly well. the only down fall is that when i was wiping it i think i took off some of the glue. perhaps adding more adhesive in the beginning would counteract this affect? idk lol but great instructable!
SirBrittanicvs (author)  TheDocLayton5 years ago
Yeah, I think the spray bottle works best. Last night I tried licking one- it actually didn't taste too bad, but I didn't wet enough of the adhesive and it didn't stick too well. : /
cmjcutiepie5 years ago
your tutorial is easy to understand, i do have a question. what if i want to sell these, how i packed them. i don't want to stick to packed.
SirBrittanicvs (author)  cmjcutiepie5 years ago
You have to wait for them to dry completely to the touch to do anything with them. I just throw them in a ziplock bag and they're fine. Just make sure there's no moisture wherever you pack them, otherwise the adhesive will activate.
thanks, i love your tutorial. i am actually the tutorial now and i am have fun, i going to the sticker in the ziplock bag immediate.

Thanks again
damp* lol not damn
tichus6 years ago
Dude, nice AAF sticker, I'm homesick.
SirBrittanicvs (author)  tichus6 years ago
Man, Worcester is like my...third home? I consider the Palladium as my place of worship.