I have been wanting to make a large monster costume for Halloween for awhile now. I looked into getting some drywall stilts bet found they were $60 or more. I figured I could make my own for cheaper than that and get the pleasure of making something cool.

Here is the link for the final costume: 7' Monster Costume

Step 1: Planning & Materials

I decided that making my stilts out of wood would probably be the easiest. knowing also that I wanted to end up being a 7' monster I world on planning out sizes of the stilts. I measured the size of my foot wearing a shoe as well as the length from the bottom of my foot to the bottom of my knee. I also took some time to look at the basic design of drywall stilts to make sure they were safe and sturdy. I drew out a simple plan and figured out what madrigal I would need. I had to make adjustments as I went along to improve the design, but it worked out pretty well.

old tire
4" PVC coupling
4" PVC cap
nuts and bolts and washers
short and long screws
2" nylon strap and buckles x2
2 old leather belts
metal supports
foam padding

heat gun
hack saw
table saw
glue gun

<p>Love it! I'm going to have to give this a try for an up coming costume idea. </p>
Nice. I'll have to try it.
<p>I made it for my costume, but improved your design (in my opinion) somewhat. I had trouble maneuvering on hills without my &quot;ankle,&quot; so I didn't make the wood go up the side and just used the metal plate with holes in it. Then I marked where my ankle was and cut the metal into there. Then joined the two pieces together at the next hole using a bolt, washers, and a locking nut. This allows the stilts to pivot while walking. Very good design overall though!</p>
Awesome. That sounds great! do you have a picture? I love improvements.
In addtion to the hinge, you may notice three things in the design that are different: <br>1)I used a old gutter, rather than a pvc pipe for the leg brace <br>2)I used old D-Ring style velcro straps from an old ankle boot brace<br>3)I cut the bottom board at a slight angle to allow for easier movement and to keep from stepping on the bottom board as easily.
looks interesting. Does the hinging still allow for adequate stability?
<p>Yes, I think so--especially on uneven surfaces. </p>
Great 'ible, can't wait to try this out!
<p>You could start a pocket-money business, changing lightbulbs for neighbours...</p>
Honey! While you're up there, the fan needs dusting. Lol. She's got you bad.

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