Picture of Homemade Stilts

I have been wanting to make a large monster costume for Halloween for awhile now. I looked into getting some drywall stilts bet found they were $60 or more. I figured I could make my own for cheaper than that and get the pleasure of making something cool.

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Step 1: Planning & Materials

Picture of Planning & Materials

I decided that making my stilts out of wood would probably be the easiest. knowing also that I wanted to end up being a 7' monster I world on planning out sizes of the stilts. I measured the size of my foot wearing a shoe as well as the length from the bottom of my foot to the bottom of my knee. I also took some time to look at the basic design of drywall stilts to make sure they were safe and sturdy. I drew out a simple plan and figured out what madrigal I would need. I had to make adjustments as I went along to improve the design, but it worked out pretty well.

old tire
4" PVC coupling
4" PVC cap
nuts and bolts and washers
short and long screws
2" nylon strap and buckles x2
2 old leather belts
metal supports
foam padding

heat gun
hack saw
table saw
glue gun

Step 2: Cutting Foot Stand and Bottom

Picture of Cutting Foot Stand and Bottom

Once I had my measurements, I cut my 2x6 to length. On the past where I would stand I traced my feet (while wearing shoes) so I would have a good sense of where to place the support bar to my knee. To make sure my stilt was sturdy I wanted to interlock the wood a bit. I notched out the wood where the support would go for that using my table saw.

On the bottom pieces they needed to be rounded to make walking a little smoother. Again I used my table saw for this setting the blade at an angle. I the dremmeled and sanded those cuts to make them rounder.

craftclarity3 months ago

Man, they look super-rugged.

Great 'ible, can't wait to try this out!
Kiteman4 months ago

You could start a pocket-money business, changing lightbulbs for neighbours...

jmwells4 months ago
Honey! While you're up there, the fan needs dusting. Lol. She's got you bad.