I was taught how to make this recipe by my Mom when I was about 8 or 9, and never cooked microwavable popcorn ever since.  It's quick, easy, and delicious.

Step 1: Equipment and Ingredients

Equipment needed:

- Large Bowl: I use a large, metal bowl to mix the popcorn with the salt and butter.
- Large Tupperware Container with Lid: You can use this instead of the bowl.  Personally, I find this much easier to use, but if you don't have one you can use the bowl.
- Medium Saucepan with Lid: To cook the popcorn in kind of self-explanatory.

- Popcorn Seeds:
Popcorn comes in white and yellow (but I even bought it as purple at a Cracker Barrel once), and is bought in the same aisle as microwavable popcorn.  You only need about one cup, but I never measure. >.<
- Butter: Because all popcorn needs butter.  You'll need about 2 or 3 tablespoons.
- Salt: I personally bought some popcorn salt at a Giant Eagle (I think), but regular salt could be used too.
- Oil: To oil the pan. ...Yeah.

nice ! will give it a try soon. thanks duffster
Oh, I love homemade popcorn! Sad to say, when I made it for my fiance's children and (gulp) grandchildren, they didn't like it. They like that Styrofoamed tasting stuff that comes out of microwave bags... Try this sometime, instead of using oil, try popping the popcorn in bacon grease.. mmmm goood.... Or, I will roughly chop or leave whole, toes of garlic and put them in the oil and saute them until light brown and remove. It gives the popcorn a nice garlic flavor without being overpowering. BUT, if you're like me and love garlic, take the lightly browned garlic, it should be soft, and mush it with a fork into a paste. Add and stir that into your melted butter and toss on popcorn - I'm in garlic popcorn heaven!<br><br>Thanks for the GREAT instructable!
Yes, microwave popcorn is suspect. I love to do a big pot of popcorn with extra virgin oilve oil. Awsome taste. If you do not add the salt, you can add milk to the popcorn and have a real cheap cereal.<br />

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