Homemade Super Simple Cheese





Introduction: Homemade Super Simple Cheese

Let me start off by saying this is my first instructable. I learned to make this really simple cheese yesterday. This cheese is relatively flavorless, but i will show you the uses for it at the end. (Will post pics soon!)

Step 1: Materials

What you need:
(measurements con go up or down depending on how much you want)

2 cups Whole or 2% milk
1-2 tablespoons of lemon juice


Sauce pan
Thermometer (can be candy or meat)
Cheesecloth, cotton t-shirt piece (preferably white. Who wants green cheese?), or a washcloth


Cookie sheet with raised edges
heavy object with flat bottom (5-10 lbs)

Step 2: Curds and Whey

Put the milk in your saucepan and heat it on medium low (any higher will make the milk stick to the pan) to between 170°F - 190°F

When the milk reaches the right temperature, turn off heat add the lemon juice 1 teaspoon at a time and stir until curds (lumps of fat) form. Remove from that burner.

Let mixture cool to a temperature that you can handle. Separate the curds from the whey by pouring the mixture through the strainer. Dump the curds onto the cloth. Take the four corners in one hand and use the other to twist it until most of the whey (liquid drained from the curds) is out of the curds.

Break up and salt (if you want a block, look at next step. DO NOT BREAKUP!)

Step 3: Optional: Press and Block

Take your cloth with curds and fold in thirds. Place on baking sheet. Place your heavy object (5-10 lbs) on top for about 15-30 minutes. (I used a cast iron skillet.)

Step 4: More Uses

Use as cheese for Italian pasta dishes

Break up and deep fry in homemade batter

Crumble on salad

Comment on your uses!



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Excellent, that's how we make the traditional Indian cheese 'Paneer' at home almost thrice a week. Can be had deep fried or baked sprinkled with a little salt and pepper or in a curry or a sandwich and a dozen other ways of eating it, also very nice as a pizza topping !

Anyone reading this who wants to have a go, or has made a cheese at home and wants more help with next steps should check out http://homemadecheese.org which is aimed at the amateur home cheese maker.

I have been making this cheese for a while now. got the it from a cheese book as the first step in making harder cheeses.

One thing I like to do is chop some bunching onions or garlic and putting it in a food processor. This will make a flavored cream cheese of sort, works great and is cheap!

I think the green cheese may go good with the green eggs and ham Dr.Seuss likes.

Have a question. I see that this is the same as paneer or very close.

What is your take on the melting point of the cheese? I see that paneer can be fried in slices, and does not melt but browns like a piece of buttered bread. Will it melt if shredded? What are the different textures of your cheese with the different cooking processes?

If I want a gooey cheese will I have to use the Rennet process to make the cheese?


I have done this and not pressed it this makes a softer cheese and i added the salt in the hot milk. I also used white vinigar it was very nice dont use too much of either as it makes it taste to lemonee or vinergaree... i put cheese cloth bundle in fridge when firmer i took off the cheese cloth let it air dry to form a skin on flattened ball making it look and taste a bit like brie. still experimenting.I also tried a little flour to make it not so sticky on outside. and chill.. I will post exact recipe.

in india we make the same thing and call it paneer, u can make just about anything with it and use it for meat substitute . You can make barbeque paneer, grilled paneer, tandoori paneer,white sauce paneer ,ect. just google paneer recipes for all of the recipes.

cold you add chocolate to the melk to make chocolate chess

Hehe...you rhymed.