Step 4: More Uses

Use as cheese for Italian pasta dishes

Break up and deep fry in homemade batter

Crumble on salad

Comment on your uses!
alhanson2 years ago
I have been making this cheese for a while now. got the it from a cheese book as the first step in making harder cheeses.

One thing I like to do is chop some bunching onions or garlic and putting it in a food processor. This will make a flavored cream cheese of sort, works great and is cheap!
Lizzle254 years ago
I just made this and tried it with a little salt, WOW! This is good stuff! I'm suppose to make lasagna tonight for dinner and I'm wondering if I can substitute this for the cottage cheese without my hubby noticing a huge difference. Wow! Love it!
this might be a daft question, but has anyone tried this with a non-animal milk, such as almond, soy, etc.? This recipe creates a tofu/paneer type cheese, but I'm dying to make a cheese replacement that is more like a hard cheese.
Any suggestions?

looks nice by the way. how about adding beer? :) mmmm
have you seen this instructable?
I learned to make this from a friend of mine, but she uses plain white vinegar in place of the lemon juice. Her's comes out like a soft cheese spread like substance, and she adds fresh herbs like minced garlic, basil, oregano, thyme, etc and we eat it on snack crackers or pieces of crusty bread. It's delicious!
Have you tried adding wine? Like "Wispride Portwine" spread?
kretzlord4 years ago
could you add a culture to this to make a cheddar?
Reki3 kretzlord4 years ago
The lemon juice is in place of the culture. Cheddar is made using a WAY different process.
lazg654 years ago
this is the same process to make dulce leche, caramel milk curd.
1) stop at the point of the curd is made and the milk is in the pot.
2) at this point place about one or two cup of sugar depending on how sweet your want it.
3) stir until sugar is disolved.
4) your can sustitute the lemon juice for straight lime or lemon rind. Squeeze the juice out of half a lemon and then place it in with it.
5) cook the same at for a little bite until its color changes to light brown and your done. This is your choice of texture and color by how long you cook it.
6) skip the cheese cloth and use all of the material and enjoy the Cuban cuisine of Dulce Leche , or Caramel Milk chunk delight.
i guess it is a form of eating curd milk that is desirable and sweet.
guillemrg4 years ago
Here we eat it as a dessert covering it with some honey, it's great!!
chello2k94 years ago
this simple cheese would be great with figs or used in making dips