Step 9: The Hand Grips

cut a piece of PVC so your hand fits in it with room to spare , with 2 x 45 degree angles

this is complicated to describe but cut out a square from the top of the pipe wide enough so the handle of the bulldog clip will fit.

Now in the middle of that cut a long notch wide enough for the copper pipe to pass through.

On the other side of the pipe cut a notch out so the pipe from the back of the trigger won’t get trapped.

Then drill 2 holes through and put some cable ties through and attach to the pump so the handle of the bulldog clip is inside the pipe.

Hot glue the pipe to the pump

Wow this is a really awesome instructable made it and took it to school for a water fight had SO much fun :)
This is a really informative inscrutable. Thanks I really wanted to make a water gun. Oh, and matoro25 why don't you make it instead of asking all those questions
How about it's stats? Do you have a test fire video or something? And most importantly, is it reliable?
oh and what does the CPS do?
to understand the CPS you have to understand the old supersoakers, they used to just pump water in to a chamber to build pressure the problem was when you release, the water pressure becomes less and less as the pressure in the chamber gets less and your water jet that started at 15ft suddenly gets shorter and shorter very quickly. some cheap copies of supersoakers still work in this way. The CPS (constant pressure system) is basically a tough balloon/bladder which the water is pumped into which is inside a hard chamber so that the pressure can build like it did before, but this time you have the balloon/bladder squeezing the water out as well. which means the pressure remains constant until the chamber is empty and your jet is constantly 15ft for the duration of the shot.
so wait, water goes into the balloon, and the pressure is around the balloon, which forces all the water out at a constant pressure because none of the air is escaping. Right?
the balloon is rubber right, what happens when you blow a balloon up and let go of it without tying it up? the balloon squeezes all the air out and it flys round the room. same thing here just with water the balloon just squeezes the water out thats all.
ohhhhhhhh I see, the balloon doesn't stop pushing water out until its empty.
very nice and informative, with a better camera this would be 10X better :) lol again verrry good job!
i was doing it with an Iphone 3G in poor lighting conditions indoors :-p
again man....this thing is awesome
Thanks, it doesnt work too bad for one made of junk, i had some issues with leaks but i just covered them in bathroom silicone

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