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Take a 1/2 or 3/4 inch PVC cross (depending if you used 3/8 or 1/2 inch copper tubing). add a piece of PVC to each connection so you can bolt the flattened edges to two of the PVC ends and the middle will fit into a notch to support it. Notice the two pieces of copper tubing do NOT come into electrical contact with each other except for the 300 ohm matching transformer.

Bolt the cross to a 2" PVBC end cap. Use a lock washer or double nuts so it doesn't loosen up. Glue the cap to a 20 foot piece of 2" PVC pipe.

Connect a 300 ohm matching transformer to the two pieced of copper tubing as in the picture. Connect cable to transformer, tape and run down the 2" PVC pole.

Drive a piece of pipe in t ground with about a foot above the ground and set the antenna mast over it and firmly mount the mast at roof level. As long as you mount it at the edge of the roof and don't go over 20 feet you don't need guy wires. if you go higher I would suggest adding some guy wires.

Trees between you and the station could reduce the signal so you may have to go above trees for log distance stations.

If you use a metal pole, it should be grounded to the ground rod by your electric meter.
peapod731 year ago
Thank you for posting! You mention using a 300 ohm matching transformer. Can I just buy a 75 ohm balun from the store? If not, where can I get the transformer? Do you need to use an amplifier with this?
rbodell (author)  peapod731 year ago
The transformer is found in any store that sells tv accessories. Most are rated 75 to 300 ohm. I have never seen just a 75 ohm transformer. hey are commonly used to connect the cable to the old style connector on the back of the older tvs with screw connections instead of cable connections. I did a search on google shopping and found thios results. These are all the same thing 75-300. If these are what you are looking at look closely at the package, it probably says 75-300 ohm. I can't imagine just a straight 75 ohm. If it ois in the TV section, it will work

Thanks! I think I get it now: 300 is the antenna side and 75 is the coax side. (I thought they were two different kinds before.) If moving my current antenna to the attic doesn't get me the CW, this looks like it will!
rbodell (author)  peapod731 year ago
The higher you can get it the better it works. Mine is 20 feet. Don't go overboard though. You can get great roof mounts. Trees make a good place to mount an antenna. Just don't get yourself killed before you see how good this works LOL
rbodell (author)  peapod731 year ago
OOPS I forgot, No you don't need an amplifier. If you have the old style TV you will need the converter box. this converts the new frequency to the frequency recognized by the old style TV.

If you are not sure what tv you have you will need to either get a converter or newer tv. Check prices for both. I got a real nice small flat screen at Walmart for about 125 dollars. It worked so well I bought two more, One for the xbox so I could watch TV and play the xbox at the same time LOL. Walmart has flat screen tvs for $99 up

dodybpn4 years ago
I interrested with this design, can it stack to increase the gain ?