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This is another one of those projects I scoured the net and looked at what everyone else had done and I wasn't entirely enthused at what I saw so I designed my own. Granted mine didn't work exactly as I'd hoped right off the bat but luckily I was able to make some simple modifications and now I can say I am happy with the entire build.

Step 1: Why Make a Table Saw Fence?

Picture of Why Make a Table Saw Fence?

The one that came on the saw I had was messed up. The saw had gotten caught in a fire at one time in its life so it was warped. Even if the original fence was perfect the stock fence was pretty small without much distance it could be set to. If I wanted to spend a few hundred dollars maybe I'd have gotten something that I still had to do work to in order to get it to work for me on my saw.

I have a lot of tools and junk so every now and again I have to do something in order to justify having any of this stuff. Good reasons? I thought so.
shuja.shaher3 months ago

you are a magician with scrap!

Bill WW2 years ago
Thanks, Fred.

I have been debating about whether to buy a new fence or build one. My existing stock fence has gotta go - due to misaignment, I had a bad kickback while cutting a sheet of plywood this week. Now have a nice laceration on my middle (luckily where there is some padding).

I will likely make a new fence. Will study your plan, but will design one to my saw and requirements.

Wow, I thought I had a busy shop!

Love your instructables.

casaroonc3 years ago

Basically a biesemeyer fence hack.

I don't have a need for one but I enjoyed you instructable.
pfred2 (author)  casaroonc3 years ago
Thanks. I copied a copy. Now I like mine more than the original.
beatyruth3 years ago
I just want to know what your doing with my table saw ; ) Seriously, I was was just thinking about building a better fence for My old craftsman, and your design looks great. And I know it will work on my saw.

I'd like to see the photos of the out-feed table. It looks like its pretty handy
pfred2 (author)  beatyruth3 years ago
I have two old Craftsman table saws now. A really old one, and a pretty old one.

My first out feed table didn't hang around long enough for me to take many pictures of it. There was nothing wrong with it, but it didn't work once I acquired a second saw and had to incorporate it into a table with the first one.

Making a table for two saws altered how the table had to be made a lot. The funny thing about it was making a table for two saws was a lot more than twice as hard as making a table for only one saw. If I had to characterize it I'd say it was about 10 times as hard in fact.

Which is to say that unless you have two saws you want to put onto one table then my new table which I do have a lot of pictures of isn't useful.

The first one was so simple I can make a quick sketch of it though and attach it to this post. Lay some sheet over the angle iron to make a table. I was even able to attach extension wings to the sides and still have those wood pieces on the sides to attach the angle iron to. Just pass bolts all the way through.
Creativeman3 years ago
pfar out, pfred2!
pfred2 (author)  Creativeman3 years ago
Must be that new fangled text lingo but thx I guess? :)
rimar20003 years ago
WOW, awesome! I want one like that, but I do not know if I will have time to build it. My current cutting table is very useful but has many limitations, especially in the precision of the cuts.
pfred2 (author)  rimar20003 years ago
Thanks! You like my out feed table? I am on my second one now. I really have to make another fence for my old saw too. I took the one I made for my old saw and put it on my new saw I just got. It bolted right on. The out feed table had to be completely redone though.

I'll never do a step by step article about my out feed table but I'll probably do a photo post of it. I have a bunch of pictures from when I made it, and I can take some more pictures of it now too.