Homemade Taser


Introduction: Homemade Taser

These are the supplies that you will need to make a Homemade Taser. The first supply needed is a disposable camera.The second supply needed is 2  colored paper clips. The last supply is 1 double A battery.

Step 1: 1 Steps

 The frist step in this process is to take the disposable camera apart and find the Kodak MAX  Flash Unit.Which is the green thing in the camera like the picture below.

Step 2: 2 Step

The second step is to find the capasotater and then attach the 2 paper clips to it. Make sure you peel a little of the rubber off of both ends of the paper clips. Then attach them to the copasator and make sure they  arn't touching at either end.Which is the big black thing at the bottom of the picture below.

Step 3: 3 Step

On the side of the capastor there is a spot for the battery. That is where you put the AA battery. 

Step 4: The Last Step

The last step is to press the Si button on the bottom of the copasator and hold for 2 seconds. After you have done that press the 2 paper clip ends together and it should shock an object.



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    For a learning curve, look up marx generator. That really is all it is. A capacitor that stores energy rapidly discharges. You charge in parallel and discharge in series. C2 is the capacitors that is being discharged. Simply remove the lamp and each lead of the lamp will be your Taser ends ie. the need for the paper clips. A DC charge will jump from one lead to the other.

    huh that is enterresting might have to try that

    I need better directions and a picture of you doing the steps would help. To my other students who are commenting: you need to learn to take constructive critisism and stop being so quick to retaliate.

    i think that you had enough pics and that the lemonie is a mean person

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    Listen children: it's not how many images you have, it's about not having any photographs of something you've done.


    I agree with merideth and smart idea i can stock my sister all day long :)


    andrew and mathew you need to add more pics and a video

    I don't agree with these other comments, I think it is really cool, but i do agree that you need more pics

    Make a list of the C1 and like the other S1,A3,A4 i mean i have no clue which is which could u give more info

    MORE PICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You've got no photographs and can't write properly, what am I supposed to learn? I get multiple alternate spellings of "capacitor", but I don't really understand what you may be talking about making.


    The photo in this step is hard to read. Could you replace it with a larger one?