Step 3: Storage

Picture of Storage

Hydrogen peroxide is UV sensitive, so be sure to store your toothpaste out of sunlight, or in an opaque container.

I thought using a pastry bag would be cute and convenient (since I have them on hand).  The only drawback to this is that there's no way to cap it!  So I made the toothpaste extra paste-y, and problem solved.  Using a tube squeezer from a paint shop helps keep the end closed and gets out every last drop.

You can also find plastic tubes to fill at outdoor and camping stores, like REI (which I might do next time, if I can think of a cute label to put on it).

Other options include storing your toothpaste in a squeeze bottle or jar. 

Of course, if all of this sounds like too much effort, you can always just dip your toothbrush in hydrogen peroxide, and then in baking soda.  Job done.

nelsonk4 years ago
i am slightly confused so this tooth paste isnt bad for me right????
lassensurf5 years ago
Now if you could get some fluoride or at the least calcium into the mix to help put the minerals back into your teeth like most other toothpastes do, you'd really have something. Maybe get some liquid fluoride supplement (not sure if it's widely available anymore, be careful with it) and add a few drops of it to the toothpaste batch (again, don't eat it). Calcium carbonate is like limestone and doesn't dissolve except in acidic solution that'll dissolve your teeth as well, so don't try that. Also, licorice has been shown very well to kill a lot of oral bacteria (including the ones that help form cavities), so if you like the taste of licorice that'd be a top recommendation.
If you get enough fluoride in your meals, your teeth will get a share of the nutrients. Too much is damaging to brain matter!
You can put some ionic trace minerals in with the mix in order to get the calcium and phosphorus needed for re-mineralization of the enamel. I wouldn't be too concerned about the fluoride, as the process of re-mineralization doesn't require it. It is more of an adjunct to the process. Besides there is probably enough natural fluoride in our foods without having to supplement. I would be more concerned about the frequent use of the peroxide for the gum tissue damage it can cause. Besides, it is a lousy anti-microbial since it dilutes too quickly with the saliva.
YUCK LICORICE. Good suggestions though!
Fluoride is _harmful_ for your teeth ;(
anniemagz4 years ago
HELP! so, i made this toothpaste a couple hours ago, and cleverly thought to put it in squeeze bottles. unfortunately, it exploded. i am no chemist, but i know something about the combination released enough gas and pressure to pop the lid. can anyone tell me what i did wrong?? (it was actually super funny. not many people can say their toothpaste exploded all over their refrigerator ahahahaha)

Pinky2124 years ago
Com'on, guys. If you're an adult, why not just use baking soda on your toothbrush even though it doesn't taste so good! Sheez! You're only having it in your mouth for a couple of minutes while you brush your teeth. It isn't like you're sucking on the tail of a skunk! Get a grip and complain about something that really matters, i.e. endangered species being poached, pollution in our rivers that cause deformity in frogs and other animals that live in that water. Making a homemade toothpaste because just using baking soda doesn't taste good is not something I expected to find on a DIY site where people are practical and self-sufficient, or learning to be that way.

Rinsing your mouth with diluted hydrogen peroxide before using the baking soda on your toothbrush is a very easy way to include the peroxide part of the recipe. Just thought you'd like to know.
Marsh5 years ago
This is great! It may sound wierd, but when it comes to flavors, you can really get creative! Ever think of Rosemary cinnamon? How about Honeysuckle mint? The possibilities are endless.
scoochmaroo (author)  Marsh5 years ago
Oooh, I like rosemary cinnamon. I tried cinnamon-mint, but the mint was too overpowering!
You can try Calamus oil, it's strongly anti-bacterial. It also has a very interesting spicy taste and smell. But it's quite rare to buy (because it can be used to make psychedelic drugs ;) ) and there's also a talk about b-Asarone being carcinogenic, which is probably all bullshit. If you can't find it - just steam-distill the oil out of the roots yourself. Anyway, scoochmaroo, a better instructable than that one, offering to mix a mouthwash into soda/peroxide :)
mephit5 years ago
All these alcohol-based suggestions remind me of a lesser-known, 1950s comedy starring Jayne Mansfield, Tony Randall and Joan Blondell called "Will success spoil Rock Hunter?" which is a prescient (and still quite accurate) skewering of the advertising industry. Randall plays the eponymous Rockwell P. Hunter, up and coming ad writer at a large and prestigious New York firm. The firm is about to lose their biggest customer, Stay-Put Lipstick, due to flagging sales. The execs are tasked with coming up with a new campaign and Rock's best friend in the company, Rufus (the company drunk, by the way), comes up with the idea of alcohol flavored lipstick. Rum, gin, Manischewitz, etc. An excellent and hilarious film, by the way, I highly recommend it.
haydemon5 years ago
How about parsley for flavoring? Parsley is supposed to have bad breath killing properties.
mrwolfe5 years ago
... or you could use a piping bag to refill an empty plastic tootpaste tube!