Homemade Toy Wood Lathe





Introduction: Homemade Toy Wood Lathe

I always liked the idea of turning various stuff on the lathe! Woodturning,metal machinery , I caught myself watching youtube videos for hours and hours, just people on their lathes, turning stuff and having a really good time!

So one day it occured to me.I 'd make a mini wood lathe from scrap ,to see how the ''lathing sport'' would suit me.

And it suits like a glove!

So i went into my "mancave" and figured it out. I used pieces i had laying around and one or two afternoons of my time. But even if one had to buy the pieces to make one, I promise it would be on a really tight budget!

You 'll need:

-some plywood or mdf (the harder the better..)

-a decent DC motor (mine came from an old drill so it should have plenty of power!)

-one or two bearings of your liking and a small shaft to suit the inner diameter(i was originally going to use an old water pump of a piaggio scooter i found laying around but then i found some parts from an old video player that would do just fine!)

-hot glue, wood glue, epoxy

-screws,nuts and bolts

-a drill (along with some drill bits)

-a power supply capable of a decent amount of amps.(3-6 in my case, since i use a dc motor working anywhere from 5V to 12V roughly)

Gathered them???

Ok! Let's see the video of the make of the lathe and the turning of a mini mallet for demonstration purposes. Go easy on me, it was my first attempt to turn something out of wood! It was tons of fun...




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Very cool! Turning stuff on a lathe is a lot of fun. Building your own lathe is very impressive! :)

Thank you seamster!

Thanks a lot!Glad you like it.Yep it comes very handy when for small turns!